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Squeak has a nice painting program, which you can start - e.g. - from the Navigator tab. It is easy to draw with the mouse (though not to make Rafael-like paintings) and there are many ways to manipulate your paintings, such as growing, shrinking and turning, and there are also facilities to duplicate parts of a painting rapidly, draw standard forms like squares and circles etc.

Of course you can save your work as a gif-picture, and load gif-pictures to repaint them. Once you have a drawing you like you can put it anywhere on the screen, add any objects around it, and select part of the screen including the painting and the objects and save that as gif-image.

This last option is done by Worldmenu - do... - Utilities grabScreenAndSaveOnDisk, that allows you to select any part of the screen and do what it says.

See also Presentations.

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