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Computerprogram that is a package of data and methods, such that only the methods in the package can access the data in the package. A running Squeak is an object that consists of many objects working together. Objects can be addressed by Messages, which are names of the methods an object can execute, possibly with some Parameters. Objects are written in Squeak inside the codepane of a Browser. When accepted by Squeak's Interpreter they are compiled into bytecode and are ready to be run inside the Squeak environment.

For example in

Transcript show: 'A piece of text' "With Cmd-d this will add text to the Transcript window"

the object Transcript gets the message show: with the parameter 'A piece of text'.

This is a specific example but entirely generalizable: In Squeak (and Smalltalk) to get something done, address an object by name with a method it can execute, that may have parameters. If a method has parameters this is shown by its ending with ":".

Objects in Squeak are normally instances of their classes, and one Class may have many instances. Classes in Squeak run when Squeak runs, and can be send Messages to make instances. The key-word in Squeak for this purpose is new. (Highlight the magenta keyword and do Cmd-m to see where it is used.)

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