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"OOP" is a comon abbreviation for "Object Oriented Programming". The idea derives from Modula and Smalltalk, and was since copied to some extent in most programming languages: C++, Java, Delphi, Visual Prolog and Eiffel all have their own implementation of some sort of "Object Oriented Programming".

From the point of view of Smalltalk and Squeak OOP that is not Smalltalkish is - at least - a somewhat emasculated OOP. The Smalltalk and Squeak point of view is often rendered by the slogan "Everything is an object" - meaning that in Smalltalk and Squeak whatever can be programmed at all in these languages must be programmed as some Object, and indeed any object that is run in the environment inherits from Object.

Another very important difference between Smalltalkish languages and other languages is that the objects in Smalltalk can be reprogrammed in the very environment in which they work.

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