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Squeak has progressed from its beginning through a series of looks that got better with time. If we consider Squeak Versions, the main change came with 3.0 that went wholly morphic. After that, the two main general improvements with how Squeak looks were

- better font support
- nicer looking windows

The better font support depends on which OS you are running. I run Squeak on Windows XP, and for Windows there is a nice package on Squeak Map called win32fonts.sar that gives Squeak a number of very nice fonts in various sizes. For other OS-s there are other ways to tweak the few basic fonts Squeak originally comes with.

Two font-limitations that should be mentioned here are that preferably the fonts should be open source and not dependent on what comes with an OS, and that in Squeak's original fonts the underscore is transformed to the assignment-arrow. There is currently no code to do the same for loaded new fonts, and therefore it perhaps makes sense to rely on " := " for assignment rather than " _ " if you use new loaded fonts and write code using such a font.

Next, there have been recently some improvements in the looks of various menus. This will probably continue. What is desirable in the none too far future - and will probably happen fairly soon - is a major overhaul of all standard windows and menus in Squeak, so as to provide these with nicer looks. For more along these lines see Skins and Themes.

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