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Inspectors are an essential Smalltalk tool. They are used to inspect the contents (instance variables) of an active object. You can also use it to send messages to an object.

To open an inspector

-In a workspace: highlight an object or snippet of Smalltalk code in a Workspace or other text window, and select "inspect it" from the pop-up menu or use Cmd-i.
- On a morph: Use the Debug halo

For example, open a Workspace and type [email protected] into it, then highlight this text and "inspect it". Or make a dictionary and inspect it by opening a Dictionary Inspector on it:

dict _ Dictionary new.
dict add: 1->'Einstein'.
dict add: 2->'Goedel'.
dict add: 3->'Von Neumann'.
dict inspect

In either case this will open an inspector window on the object, with the object's instance variables in a column on the top-left, a variable display area on the top-right, and a code area on the bottom.

In this code area, you can send messages to the object. E.g. in the above dictionary you may use e.g. [self at: 2] with Cmd-p or Cmd-i.

See also Explorer, which is a newer hierarchical alternative to the Inspector.

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