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General kind of Object that runs when Squeak runs. The methods of a class are the most general methods objects of that class that objects of that class need to perform. A class is like a factory for making individual objects, which are instances of that class. Instances of a Class are made by Squeak's keyword new. Thus (select and Cmd-d)

| morphy |
morphy := Morph new openInWorld.
morphy position: .
morphy color: Color blue.

puts a new instance of a basic Morph (that looks like a blue square) in the current World one is in inside the Squeak environment, at position (screen-coordinates) and with the given color. You can edit the coordinates and color, right here in Scamper, as you can edit and write code in Scamper.

Classes in Squeak are part of a tree of Classes and so may contain classes (called their subclasses) and be contained in classes (their superclasses). The top is ProtoObject directly followed by Object. This last class contains the basic methods all Objects in Squeak inherit.

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