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Browsers in Squeak are Objects written in Squeak that allow the human user to see the code and internal states of Squeak as it runs. There are many Browsers in Squeak. See BrowsingSqueak. Here is code for opening some:

Browser openBrowser. "opens the System Browser"
HierarchyBrowser newFor: TextPlusMorph. "opens the Hierarchy Browser on TextPlusMorph"
MessageNames openMessageNames. "opens the Message Names browser"
SelectorBrowser new open. "opens Method Finder"
ProtocolBrowser openFullProtocolForClass: ProtocolBrowser. "Opens a Protocol Browser on its own protocol."

If you select the above five lines Cmd-d will put all five on your screen.

Alternatively, if you know the name of a class (which is a factory for objects of that class), you can get a System Browser on it by 'fullOnClass'. For example:

Browser fullOnClass: Browser.
Browser fullOnClass: Array.

If you have the Whisker Browser as your maing System Browser (which you can get from Squeak Map) doing both lines at once puts them both in one Whisker Browser.

On Squeak Map there are at least three improvements of the standard System Browser - which is to say they do at least the same plus some:

- Refactory Browser: Looks like a System Browser, but can do a lot more
- Whisker Browser: A very nice looking browser with stacking windows. Recommended for newbies.
- Star Browser: Another nice looking browser with extras.

You need a System Browser to learn about the code in Squeak. Personally, I think the Whisker Browser is the best way to browse the system, for it can show many classes in one browser in many subwindows.

Here is a picture of Whisker (which was written by Doug Way). You can get it from Squeak Map.

If you want to find which Browsers are in your Squeak image, use RightClick in a Category Pane in a System Browser, which pops up a dialogue 'find Class'. If you type 'Browser' in it, this gives you a list. Most are browsers, and all browsers are worth learning if you want to learn to program in Squeak.

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