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You work in the Squeak Environment by using a mouse and a keyboard. You are supposed to know enough about computers to use them apart of Squeak, and you are supposed to know how to type.

(I use Windows XP to write this text so if you run this image on a Mac or on a Linux system the terms to refer to the keyboard and the filesystem may be different sometimes.)

The present version of my text presumes Squeak-version: 3.7 #5180. (Some things are somewhat differently organized in earlier versions.)

The Squeak Environment seeks to introduce you to the environment of Squeak.

- It does so by describing what you see and can do.
- You are advised and sometimes invited to try out what you can do.
- As you read through this tutorial, later parts presume you have read and done most of the foregoing.
- Keywords will be bold in this text, and stress that these words are important.

To read this tutorial with profit you do not need to know Squeak, but you do need to be familiar with the basics of using a computer
you need to know how to use a mouse and a keyboard; what windows are; what "drop and drag" means and similar other minimal computer knowledge and skills.

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