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This menu has good balloonhelp. (Cursor on the option provides helptext in a balloon.)

about this system...
    Tells the user the release and number of Squeak.
update code from server
    Updates Squeak's code, if you're connected to the internet.
    pops up Preferences
set language...
    Sets the language eToys presuppose in the help they offer.

    This applies to working with tablets, which the maker of Squeak Help doesn't have.

command-key help
    Gives a list of all the command-keys in a Workspace. Useful to know!
world menu help
    Gives a list of wherever on the many menus you can find what.
font size summary
    Gives a list of the fonts installed in the Squeak you use.
useful expressions
    Smalltalk it is nice to know and have ready.
annotation setup...
     A tool to decide what is shown in Squeak's Browsers.

graphical imports
    A listing of the bitmaps you imported from a FileList with it's option import.
standard graphics library
    A listing of the bitmaps Squeak uses.

    The maker of Squeak Help has no relevant experience here.
turn sound off
    Toggles between on/off. It's nice to have it on, but on some Linuxes off prevents crashes.
definition for..
    Asks the definition of a word on the internet. Connection to the net is needed.

set author initials...
    All code in Squeak was written by some person. If you want to change Squeak, you need to enter your initials. (Once done, Squeak asks no more. Nor does it control your entry.)
vm statistics
     Pops up a number of statistics on Squeak's current working on the machine it runs on.
purge undo records
     Frees some memory
space left
     Shows how much space you have in your present system

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