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Welcome to my computing pages!

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I am still in the process of redesigning this part of my site, but a start has been made, and there now also are quite a number of useful external links in the several files in Languages.

And there is a start of BitsAndPieces, that concerning my experiences with programming and computing. This links to the last pieces in the series.

New: There is since Mar 14, 2009 the beginning of a new helpfile for RosAsm, which is a great assembler, that is much less known than it deserves to be, at least for those who desire to understand computing and computers. It is called RosaHelps and the last link provides the start of it, and please note that for the time being it will be in a state of transition.

The reason to write it is that it seems helpful for those who want to understand computing.

last update: Sep 13, 2009