June 2007


Jun 14, 2007: 3. And why BitsAndPieces?


I explained it before:

I decided to keep some notes, bits and pieces on my site concerned with programming, and to do so in the form and under the name of BitsAndPieces.

But perhaps it makes sense to say a little more.

At present, I have a large site, many interests, twenty years of more or less serious programming experience, and thirty years of ill health.

I am interested in programming for quite a few reasons; I believe there needs much to be done in that subject; and I want to leave a little log for myself and a few others to document some of my ideas, findings and concerns with programming and computing.

That's all.

There is no hidden agenda, though one main interest I have is to see better programming languages, and there are no restrictions on my concerns, though BitsAndPieces will always be about programming or computing, directly or indirectly.

However, there is one partial limitation: I am mostly concerned with open source. This is in part for moral reasons, of which later more, but it also for intellectual reasons.

A programming environment or language may be quite interesting and capable, and may be marketed for money, and therefore keep its code source hidden.

It may be reviewed in BitsAndPieces, and I may even use it (like Delphi, for example) but I will not have much use for it for BitsAndPieces, except as inspiration or warning, because I am mostly and really interested in principles and explanations, and therefore want to avoid hidden source, at least as far as programming languages and environments are concerned.

I can understand and sympathize with the need to make money, but in principle pure mathematics including such applied pure mathematics as are programming languages should be freely accessible to all.

If Newton, Leibniz or Euler had patented the calculus, we might still live in the age of steam-power.


Maarten Maartensz


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