June 2007


Jun 12, 2007: 2. Why "BitsAndPieces"?


The question is good, and the answer is simple:

The name is descriptive - it conveys what it is about - and it embodies one convention about naming things in a programming language that is useful: Capitalize the initial letters of the words that the name contains.

The reasons for a convention like this are twofold: Names in many programming languages usually cannot contain a space, and thus one needs some workaround, preferably in the form of a convention that is explicit and conformed to in one's code, so as to be able to have descriptive names.

The convention that guides the name "BitsAndPieces" is the one commonly used in Smalltalk and Pascal, and it seems more readable to me than an alternative convention, common in C-style languages, that uses an underscore "_" for spaces, as in "Bits_And_Pieces".

This may be considered a trivial difference, but it are in part conventions like these that determine the appearance and readability of code. I like the one I adopted in "BitsAndPieces" better than the other one, and I think the readablity of code is very important.

O yes, in case you were confused: As "food" is not at all the same as food, so "BitsAndPieces" is not at all the same as BitsAndPieces.

Maarten Maartensz


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