June 2007


Jun 12, 2007: 0. BitsAndPieces started


I decided to keep some notes, bits and pieces on my site concerned with programming, and to do so in the form and under the name of BitsAndPieces.

How this will evolve depends mostly on my health, which is somewhat better this year than the last ten - but enough of that, since my health is the subject of another part of my site.

In BitsAndPieces I will be concerned with programming in various aspects- and my relevant background can be gleaned by reading the following links.

A few general remarks about programming languages


A few more specific remarks about some programming languages


These are the programming languages I have been most concerned with over the past 20 years, though it may be added I hope to investigate Python and Ruby a little in the future (and did the former in the past, but not the latter).

And I should also remark here that although by now I have a fair knowledge of and considerable experience with programming, I have no academic degrees in computer sciences, but in psychology and philosophy, where I am a scientific realist of analytical and logical persuasions, for those who care to know these things (and those who really want to know are referred to Keyterms in my Philosophical Dictionary). 

This background, and notably the psychological one, is bound to appear sometimes in BitsAndPieces, for there is a lot to learn about learning to program, and in fact it is a rather interesting subject for cognitive psychology.

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Maarten Maartensz


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