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Apart from a few things on a mainframe computer in the early seventies (Algol and punch-cards) the first programming I did was in Basic, first in the early eighties on an early Apple, that could do little except AppleBasic, that still had - since not even the soft floppy-disk existed then - to be stored on tape of a cassette-deck, and then in the late eighties on an early PC (so early as to run DOS 2), in GWBasic.

I gave up Basic - an acronym for "Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code - in the late eighties when Turbo Pascal became available, and then did not look anymore at Basic, except briefly at VisualBasic, until 2007 when I found FreeBASIC on the internet.

FreeBASIC is free and it is Basic; it turns out to have a very pleasant IDE ("integrated development environment") in the form of the editor FBEdit, that also has its own forum; and to me - who recalls Basic from the eighties, with linenumbers and Gotos - it looks and feels Pascal-like, which is a great plus.

last update: Jun 11 2007