Updating the site

Updating the site

Until 2012 I indicated on the opening of my site the last time it was updated (which since many years is usually: today).
I stopped doing this in 2012, because my eyes then were quite painful and quite bad.

I started it again on September 15, 2016 because I found - since quite a long while also - that my site at "xs4all.nl"
(actually: the KPN, who bought it, after I got to be a member of the real xs4all in 1996) does not get updated at all
in the sense that it does not show the last update, but previous ones (which ought to have been overwritten, and were,
for a long time).

I do not know the reason; I do not know who did it, and after having been told between 2002 and 2009 plenty of times
that I am "a liar" by the sick assholes who manned the "helpdesk" there "because you complain about something others do
not complain about" (!!), I do not communicate with "xs4all" anymore (except about my connectiom, and only if I absolutely
must), and indeed I neither trust them nor believe them (but they may not be doing it).

In any case: The date on the opening of the site is the last date the site was refreshed, and if you are visiting my site
in Holland - the same site is here, in Denmark - you may have to click several times to get the real last link.

I am very sorry, but this seems the way things are going: If you are not a rich CEO of a multi-national corporation, you
are not fully human, and you better forget about any rights you once had.


Maarten Maartensz
last edited: Sep 16 2016