E-mail policy

E-Mail policy

I maintain a very large site on which my e-mail address has been freely available and automatically identifiable as such - with the result that I was choked with spam for years. So:

E-mails to my mailaddress that have no title that clearly relates to my site or to me, if they are not from senders I have previously mailed with, will be removed as spam without viewing or opening from my provider's server by me without pardon or pause. (And "Hey Maarten, how are you?", as a title by somebody not already known to me, will be regarded as spam and be removed.)

Also, mails without any title are automatically deleted as spam, as are all mails in languages I do not read (such as: Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian...) - and having mentioned that, I do read English, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish, though I will answer only in Dutch or English, very special cases possibly excepted.

Hence... in case you do want to reach me: Use a title that will make it clear to me that you are a human being who has read my site; use a language that I read; and deduce a correct e-mail address for me from the following:

- my mail address is: maartens replace-by-at-infix xs4all.nl, and

All polite and rational mails will be answered politely and rationally, usually within 3 days at most, unless I am too ill.


Maarten Maartensz
last edited: Dec 7 2015