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 R - Reality

Reality: What exists independently of anybody believing or desiring it.

Note that as defined this says little about the nature of this supposed reality other than that it exists whether or not anybody believes or desires it. The definition also does not entail anything about how one could or should study it. (See: Scientific realism.)

Most people are realists about most things that concern them, if only because they know from experience that they may be mistaken in many of their beliefs, misled in many of their values, and that other people may teach or inform them truly or falsely, where truth and falsity depend on what exists in reality.

And one of the points of saying that reality exists independently of anybody believing or desiring it, is that whatever is in it exists and whatever is not in it does not exist whether or not you or anybody else believes or desires it, and indeed also whether or not, for the most part at least, you or the others exist in reality to imagine things about it.


See also: Appearance, Natural Realism


Hawkins, Toraldo


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