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There are a number of abbreviations in the Philosophical Dictionary, some of which are well-known (in certain circles). Generally, I am no great fan of acronyms and the like, but in some cases, where they abbreviate terms that are very frequently used, they may save a lot of letters. In any case, one of the most useful abbreviations that deserves to become part of standard English is the "iff" for "if and only if" that is common in texts of logic and mathematics. This I shall use frequently, also in contexts that are not directly logical or mathematical. Otherwise, I shall in general write out terms fully, except if there is a well-known and suggestive abbreviation of it, or such abbreviations as I introduce are clearly conveniences to avoid repeating the same long phrase over and again, and instead repeat a considerably briefer version.
a.k.a., aka also known as
BA Boolean Algebra
CPL Classical Propositional Logic
EPL Extended Propositional Logic
FOL First Order Logic
HOL Higher Order Logic
iff if and only if
LPA Logic of Propositional Attitudes
PC, P.C. Politically Correct
PL Propositional Logic
po-mo, pomo Postmodernism
QED, Qed, qed Quod erat demonstrandum - what was to be proved.
ZF Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory

Note on terminology:

This Philosophical Dictionary is neither feminist, nor post-modern nor politically correct, and therefore does not follow po-mo usage. 

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