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 E - Eckhart

Eckhart von Hochheim: 1260-1327: Commonly known as "Meister Eckhart", German Dominican monk, theologian, philosopher and mystic. Taught theology, preached often in the vernacular - Middle High German - and was the subject of a famous trial, that tried to force him to publicly abjure his errors. He was accused of being a heretic and a pantheist, defended himself ably, and seemed to have died or disappeared before his verdict arrived.

Meister Eckehart was in various ways an innovator, and was admired by Schopenhauer, and compared his doctrines to those of Buddha, if in Christian scriptural clothing. Eckhart's best known saying is "The Eye with which I see God is the same Eye with which God sees me".


See also: Medieval Philosophy, Scholasticism.


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