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 C - Correctness: Political


Political Correctness: Belief or pretence that it is morally good and desirable to speak and act in certain ways.

In general terms, political correctness characterizes nearly all ideologies and religions and is one of the normal totalitarian features these tend to have. It then is a kind of cant of these ideologies or religions.

More particularly, it refers to one of the habits of thinking, speaking and writing introduced by postmodernism: The notion that postmodernistically approved neologisms and euphemisms and other supposed "rectifications" of "ideologically loaded" language will improve the world, and the lie that the postmodernist herself (M/F) is a person out to improve the world rather than make a career by getting academic tenure with what is in fact sycophantic totalitarian drivel without the least scientific or literary value.

Thus, postmodernistically politically correct sycophants write "she" wherever English grammar (of the past four centuries) would have "he", because this is supposed to emancipate women; write "Afro-American" or "black" for what once said to be a negro, because this is supposed to emancipate this group of people; write "chair" or "chairperson" for "chairmen", because the last term is supposed to be discriminating for women, and so on.

This is normally combined with a very strong Politically Correct - PC - tendency never to refer to individuals except if these are PC Leaders, and to replace all talk of individuals by talk about some kind of group - "community", "cultural identity" -  these individuals are part of and to pretend or believe that these abstractions have feelings, ideas, plans and values. This is a category mistake, but Politically Correct persons pretend to take great moral and intellectual pride in such mistakes, and pretend or believe that those who do not make them are "repressive", "persecutionary", "fascist" and generally evil and inferior, much as in Orwell's "Animal Farm". ("Four feet good, two feet bad!" "All are equal, but some are more equal than others".)

PC writers almost invariably repress all or almost all quantifying terms - "some", "all", "most", "around fifty procent of" - in their prose: Much rather than name a woman and say what she thinks, or indicating what proportions they have in mind,  PC writers utter forth - like ad-writers and con-men - on the pattern "Women feel PC is emancipatory"; "Afro-Americans are discriminated"; "Men are machos"; "The hegemonic identity of the gay community is emancipatory" etc. These habits once again make it possible to pretend to be "emancipatory" by writing a kind of artificial prose that is low in rational content but high in Political Correctness, and that reduces all human individuality to group-membership in some vague abstraction, much like real racists and real ethnicists look upon the world and human beings.

Finally, PC prose is characterized by the occurence and prevalence in it of many abstract terms that the writer at best partially understands; by bad grammar and bad style; by very great pretence about its supposed importance; and by the highly frequent use of certain cant-terms, that signal that the writer of the prose is and wants to be PC, such as (around the year 2000) "hegemonic".

In short, PC is the cant for and of (would be) leftist loonies of the latest quarter of the 20th C, and writing PC is a strong indication that the writer tries to make her career towards chair in Gender Studies by studious totalitarian abuse of language, firmly founded on her own nearly total lack of wit, knowledge and intellect, and her own totalititarian proclivities and lack of intellectual ability and moral or humane or stylistic sensitivity.

PC thrives and is heavily practised in totalitarian dictatorships and religions, and since the 1970ies thrives and is heavily practised in Western universities in the Humanities and Philosophy, which university departments to a great extent have been taken over by Postmodernists, since Postmodernism and Political Correctness enabled the intellectually dim to make an academic career by pretending to be emancipatory, rather like superstitious and totalitarian witchhunters once could get status and payment for their perversions through pretending to be good Christians.

Correctly speaking, PC and Postmodernism are totalitarian species of inverted or direct racism or ethnicism: The postmodernistically PC person pretends to fight racism or discrimination of women or homosexuals or racial or ethnical groups by revising and rectifying the current language into a dialect of sick vaguely grandiose prose of great pretence but little or no content, and by a kind of racism or ethnicism that counters discrimination: PC Feminists seek to emancipate women at the cost of others in the name of equality; PC homosexuals seek to emancipate homosexuals at the cost of others in the name of equality a.s.o., all much like Stalin and Mao pretended to emancipate humanity - namely not at all, yet all in aid of personal "hegenomy", dominance, power, career, money and status.

Whoever uses PC - without irony or sarcasm - is either a careerist liar or too dimwitted and brainwashed by leftist totalitarian propaganda to be taken intellectually serious, and anyway a damned bad writer.


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