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Maarten I do understand that these issues are all connected one to another for all of us, and that your own story connects all these issues, but I can't really see how this is anything other than off topic re: the CAA, and there's no question that this material was offensive for at least some dutch readers, even if not to yourself, since it has been reported as such.

I'm sure you understand that I must aim to be objective, and having received a complaint I considered the forum rules, and it's quite clear to me that at least some of the content is in breach of those rules. I therefore feel I have no alternative but to ask you to remove the content. As you rightly say you can post this on your website.

I will edit out the sections I mentioned and leave the ME part and the links, and hope that what remains is OK. I will have to just remove the lot of the Dutch section because it isn't practical to go through and attempt to edit it in detail. Of course if you are able to edit the original so as to maike your point without causing offence, then do so, however it still does seem to me to have no connection with the subject of this thread so it does seem that it belongs elsewhere.

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Do as you please, Mark - as far as I am concerned you may delete them completely: I don't know what complaints you've gotten and the moderators have to do their difficult job as they see fit for the interests of the PR Forums.

So I really don't mind, though I think my text is itself quite fair and justified for me - but perhaps indeed not for this forum. Also, I have no energy or taste to edit my post myself to please (possible) anonymous Dutch sensibilities - they may be deleted, though they will stand, quite proudly also, on my site.

I see meanwhile there is a PM of yours, which I will answer asap.

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P.S. Personally, I have had no complaints whatsoever, by the way...