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    Apr 30, 2010



A bit OT I guess

Hi Jonathan,

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It's a little different than in China. Bokmål is sort of like "natural Norwegian", Nynorsk was an attempt to engineer a language that was based solidly on Norwegian but more compatible with the other Scandinavian languages. So Nynorsk is sort of artificial. A lot of Norwegians don't like it.
Riksmål is more akin to a dialect of Bokmål.

Also because I am enjoying my Norwegian memories... (lived in Dovre and Lom) ... as it happens I like Nynorsk, and as far as I know both languages were put together in the 19th C and are related to (i) getting rid of Danish rule and (ii) the difference/opposition between town and country.

I learned to speak it in Dovre and read it from "Dagbladet" (Norwegian daily) and then learned that quite a lot of spoken Norwegian - say: Tarje Vesaas, who wrote Lom-dialekt or thereabouts, naar jeg husker det - is better rendered as it is spoken outside the towns... I like it, though its grammar is pretty wild and irregular compared to the other.

But I am mostly reminiscensing, and clarifying to the extent of my not extensive relevant knowledge.

I wished I lived in Norway though, I can assure you:

"Ja, jeg elsker dette landet!".

Best wishes,


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