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Thanks Maarten, good point to fill out my analysis. I don't morally excuse it, just that much that we call 'evil' is really common-or-garden laziness, obedience and stupidity, and the people involved are tragically unaware that what they are doing is wrong. Many are trained from birth to learn that they are not clever enough to question their betters, and that the moral course lies in blind obedience - those are the most tragic and excusable cases. Most simply choose to take the easy way out that makes their life easier. Frankly, all of us are flawed in this respect to some extent, even the very best of us fight these flaws constantly, and we deceive ourselves if we think otherwise.

For the non-linguists: "Menschlich-all-zu-menschlich" = "Human, all too human" - assuming I've guessed that one correctly...

Yes, Mark: Nietzsche's diagnosis (one of many) and quite so as you say.

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Maarten (who really doesn't always realize it when he's using strange words or uncommon terms...)