Hi Mike,
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It is our right to full transparency...A lot of sick people put their faith and MONEY towards WPI for the sole reason of the P in WPI, now the P is gone, what the heck are people supposed to think.

There is only a handful of docs who understand CFS the way Peterson does, its nearly impossible for someone to fill his shoes there :(

That indeed was part of the subtext I earlier had in mind, indeed...

However, I much doubt whether patients will get "full transparency", and indeed I doubt it is "right", though I can see your reasons, I think.

My first doubt is motivated by how things go in the world; my second by the fact that easily things of a personal nature may be involved.

Anyway, I don't think WPI is somehow morally forced to provide the world "full transparency" in their own doings and decisions as a research institute - what institution in the world as is will give this, really and fully, after all? - and that what counts in the end most for patients is the quality and effects of the scientific research they have done and plan to do.