Hi Sunday,

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OK, on the basis of this, I've decided I can dub myself a scientist and name the whole, big problem. It's really very simple. I can even do it in that stylish acronym form:


Death rate is 100%. No cure has been found.

If we delude ourselves enough, though, maybe we can forget that.

Well, Sunday... it's a thought - as is this:

Sir Thomas Browne (17th C):
"We are all fighting against our own cure, for death is the cure for all disease".

A.k.a. "The Final Solution" - death I mean. (I'm not sure whether I cited Sir T correctly, since I am PEM'd).

Well... I'm a bit more hopeful, in fact, and do hope to learn more before starting on the final journey into nowhere (a.k.a utopia) where there is no pain nor PEM but also nothing to learn (as I think, at least).

So I keep going on with going on.

Best wishes,