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Wessely's actions don't make sense unless he is acting for insurance companies. I think it's fair to say that.

I don't think "not unless" though it's one fair guess and good explanation in principle. But as far as I can see there are at least 5 entities Wessely works to further the interests of that I am aware of:

1. Simon Wessely (career, reputation, income, position...)
2. Pychiatrists & psychotherapists (jobs, research money, reputation...)
3. The Britist State
4. The Britist Military
5. Insurance companies

And he seems well-entrenched in many organisations and institutions, esp. that make policies and assign funds. But on my present knowledge it is difficult to say what makes him tick or which masters he serves (most), and also much of this - how is the man lodged within institutions, whose interests thus he further there - is difficult to find and prove, also because most of it will be informal rather than formal and hidden for the public on principle.

Also, if it is in England like in Holland, and "Yes Minister" suggests it is, the system on his level is organised in such a fashion that personal responsibilities and accountabilities are carefully obfuscated, hidden, blatantly denied by public relations spokesmen etc.

Anyway, in quite a few ways the two most amazing things about the man are (1) the utter crap he peddles, which he certainly knows is crap and (2) the fact that he can get away with it. (Incidentally, that he peddles crap and knows it doesn't amaze me: It was just the same in the University of Amsterdam. What amazes me is the low intellectual level of it.)

But yes, it has happened before in human history. Time after time. I mean: the succes of con-men with obviousreligious, political and pseudo-scientific cant, crap, bilge - what have you.

Maybe a lie must be simple and blatant - "Grosze Luege": Hitler's "Big Lie", for him a main principle of succesful propaganda - in order to widely succeed.

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