Hi Min,
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well said

if anyone doubts they have come here to bait us, they say of us on this forum that we:

" bear all the hallmarks of a cult, and to the dimmer more vociferous ones a criticism of one is perceived as a criticism of all. No minimum level of academic attainment or critical thinking faculty is required to be allowed to speak for them."

and that we are " paranoid, hysterical and delusional"

and, the worst from of abuse they can think of being puerile swear words for female genitalia, Maarten is called a
" self-absorbed t*** who's descended into madness."

one person has posted that Dr Myhill's supporters tell lie, after lie after lie ...ad infinitum

- the lampooning and baiting of dr Myhill's supporters has been relentless for 131 pages, & yet 'Jonas' has reported to the GMC that her supporters are intimidating him!

- please can we get back to supporting Dr Myhill and leave the bigots on the load of BS forum to enjoy themselves in their basements?

+1 - and I really like that: " self-absorbed t*** who's descended into madness."

Nice! But not worth bothering with - just as you say. Let 'm write their own selfabsorbed mad sites, instead of playing with themselves in basements, is my learned psychologically warranted advice! Else ye go even blinder, ye BS'ers! Generations of Medical Scientists Swore It Is So By Evidence-Based Science! AND your spines will be getting even more KCL-careeristically supple ...

... aahh well, ahem just a career-tip ... : ...sorry KEEP GOING ON, in that basement: Etonic traditions are at stake, as 't is said ...

Maarten (with my thanks for stomaching all & finding it, Min: I really don't bother)
a.k.a. " self-absorbed t*** who's descended into madness."
oh AND as " paranoid, hysterical and delusional" : fine scientific KCL-reasoning: flattered!