Hello Suzy,
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My husband says I am to tell you that I am the "woman from hell" - not "one hell of a woman". But nevertheless, I accept your complement graciously, Maarten.

Had "Dr Crippen" (and likewise a number of apparent medical professionals who commented on his ME related blog postings using similar disparaging terms) not been writing and commenting under the cloak of anonymity, he (and they) would presumably have taken care not to bring his (and their) profession into disrepute.


As to the 2nd paragraph:

I don't know... I've met some very odd medics, to say the least: Power over people is a heady drug. But then perhaps these wouldn't have gotten a column in the paper. And as to medical reputations: It does amaze me rather a bit that Wessely, White, Van der Meer and Bleijenberg can get away with the rot they spout, also since anyone with some ordinary common sense who also knows some scientific methodology and reads their papers can't conclude otherwise than that: This Is Utter Bilge. (The explanation is probably (i) their groups learn during their uni one Medical Norm Above All Medical Norms: Back Your Colleagues and (ii) non-medical and non-psychological folks in vast majority believe: These Are Experts Who Know.)

As to the 1st paragraph:

I am glad you have a husband and hope he is a good karateka, not to take you out, but to have around for your own protection and delectation. As to your husband's judgements: He ought to know best, knowing you best, but I take it from the banter he in fact agrees with me, so I'll congratulate him with you, and thank you for being graceous.

Best wishes,


P.S. Message for husband: Semantically speaking, you also may be both... ;) (but he is to be congratulated either way).