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You're welcome. I meant to add, Maarten, that former NHS GP, "Dr Crippen", who published under the cloak of anonymity, has taken down his blog, but his Guardian opinion pieces remain online, here:


"Dr Crippen" was fond of phrases like "ME loonies" and used to call those who corrected his errors and misconceptions "anal pedants". Oh, how we miss him.

Another thank you. I've met such types in Holland as well, though in Holland doctoral types with columns still tend to be the suave sort of know-it-all type, with the medically trained eye-twinkle in frequent evidence, the discrete billing plusquamperfect up to the sybillant sexy tones of the personal secretary, and a God-complex they couldn't see for the life of them even if they met it daily in in the mirror.

But I doubt whether a Dutch Dr. Crippen could have said that under Dutch law ("ME-loonies"), without risking - at least - trouble for the paper he writes for, incidentally mostly because the majority of the readers will think something like "even if it's true one oughtn't say so".

OTOH Van der Meer and Bleijenberg do imply such things all the time - you are a loonie, I am a loonie, unless of course we belong to a band of malingerers, playing vampire on dole-money, that could have been spent so much more usefully on Labour Parliamentarians, and anyway we are amongst the intellectual and moral dregs of mankind - whenever they can, always swathed in sanctiomonious claims and assurances that they are o so very concerned for The Patients, all in medicalese, but to the same effect: I and some 20.000 Duitchmen with ME are loonies (medicalese term: somatoformers) who ought to be protected from themselves and in the interest of Dutch Paradisical Society, by being put to work on unpaid GET while being forced to attend CBT to enrich psychotherapists with about half my IQ, who get as incomes per hour what I have to live a week on. (And that is why said psychotherapists will form choirs spontaneously to sing the praise of CBT and to support the blessings the DSM-5 will bring them.)

Aahh well... what I do like is that the PR Forums are doing fine, and are clearly starting to be a force in ME-land, and possibly outside it to, with some luck and by playing things cool and carefully.

All the best: You are one hell of a woman, if you don't mind my French! (Translated: I-330 in "We" by Zamyatin. (*)) Please take care of yourself on your mad and sick Isle (compared to the England I loved in the early seventies, that is, before England had been first Thatcherised then Blairified): it is not a safe place, and certainly not for ME advocates or patients with ME.


(*) Or translated for the non-literary: Very smart. Very brave. (Don't be shy, Suzy, and you're - I am very happy to say - not the only one on the forum: Not at all. And that's one of the enjoyable things of the forum...)