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  Apr 25, 2010




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On 20 September 2001, the Guardian published an article by Health Editor, Sarah Boseley, called:

Storm brews over Ďall in mindí theory of ME


Here's another Ms Bosely wrote the following week:

A very modern epidemic, Guardian, 27 September 2001]


It was the Guardian that was host to "Dr Crippen" before he retired a few months ago.

There has been recent coverage, by the Guardian, of the PlosOne ICL/KCL XMRV paper.


All will give you a flavour of Guardian coverage of ME and CFS issues.

I read them through rapidly, and I'd say they are mostly Wesselyan, though Ms Boseley may mean well (and professor Wessely seems to be a quite charming guy, externally, when he wants to be, or so I've heard from folks who met him, which is a pleasure I so far do not have, and he must surely miss & regret).

Anyway... it's better (would you believe it) than what my Dutch so called quality daily (NRC, sort of (TT + TG) / 2, but then Dutchified i.e. levelled) delivers on the subject, for that preaches usually directly from a Van der Meer hymnsheet, it seems, while they have at least one columnist, a True Scientist with an M.A. in Dutch Lit, who blatantly and falsely insists that at Groningen University, no less, social psychologists, no less, have proved that ME is all in the mind...

Meanwhile, I also have seen some of Mr Robbins sayings, and we also have now another sports fan from BS around... it's not my cup of tea, not at this forum. Perhaps elsewhere, at some point? OTOH, I rather read mathematics than semi-dumb journalism of any kind, even if it is honest and well-intended.

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P.S. I suppose I am suffering badly from dysfunctional beliefs that I am tired, in the kindness of my heart towards messrs Robins, Goldacre and other would be Heroes Of Real Science, but my title is fully expounded at


and my suggestion to The Guardian is to do just that and have a decent interview with professor Hooper, that is: if they dare and care for the truth, or at least for decent and fair-minded journalism.

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