Hey Dreambirdie,

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Oh brother.... I haven't wanted to be connected with the FB scene at all. I don't like this forum creating a link to that possibility either.

What to do... what to do?

Alas as per Koan, I fear, alas, as outlined above: PM Cort seems best, to get it done with the least hassle, in summa.

And I'm like you (), but then I fear such are "The Blessings Of Modern Technology" (tm): connected - as 'twere - to the hilts, whether you like it or not, and researched behind your back by all manner of information-searchers & gatherers & resellers...Brave New World Is There, o Dreambirdie, where Jungians rightly & wisely carefully thread...

Best wishes,


P.S.: Many thanks for The Notice To End All Noticers Noticing, PYCtorial dem-Gddess of the CoFIBs: You made me laugh many times!

-- http://www.forums.aboutmecfs.org/sho...ll=1#post72329

And you have a gift for thinking with or in images, and I wrote a logic on that sort of thinking: knowing that one notices that another desires that one believes that ... CBT is good for you, for example.

Anyway... I fear you will be occupied like Koan. Please take care.