Hi Toos,

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Mayby the server can not cope with the high demands.

Indeed: quite possible - and I can confirm that the very nice anagram-server that TeejKay found, I think (or was it Koan? anyway: Very nice find:)

-- http://wordsmith.org/anagram/index.html (Excellent fun!!)

went tilt after being reported on this list. (But it's still there: Just doesn't do anagrams of > 0 letters, it says: Real AI )

Best wishes,

Maarten Maartensz
(a.k.a. A Zen Mantra Master a.k.a. Re Tantra Mamas Zen a.k.a. ME as Zen Tantra Arm)

P.S. At long last the mystery is finally unriddled - and here is the only poem I ever published on paper (written ca. 1970):

My me
Is someone I never see
It hides itself in the dream
I dream
Of me