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Welcome, Overstressed!

Goodness knows how many ways and from how many possible sources we might all have contracted this, or any, disease! I know some people who, every time they catch a cold, go back in their minds through every recent encounter and try to figure out which handshake or uncovered sneeze or public doorknob might have made them ill. I don't see the point. We all do our best to protect ourselves and not to make mistakes mild or serious, but we're human. Viruses and bacteria are constant dangers, as large mammals with sharp teeth no longer are. Everything has to be preyed on by something---but we don't have to be preyed on by guilt.

Supposing this thing is caused by a retrovirus? Hillary Johnson writes in Osler's Web:

Why? What makes us different from other animals, even those most closely related to us, in this capacity to resist casual transmission of retroviruses? I suspect it's a myth concocted from hubris, fear, or mere lack of sufficient research. If XMRV were someday found to be the cause of your illness, and were found to be transmissible by a sneeze, you'd realize you had lived with pointless guilt and fear for years. We can consider your experience and the conclusions you draw from it, but since we didn't all have the same experience, and you had other experiences and encounters besides that one, there's no point in stopping there with a search for the cause. I'd say, let go the guilt and get on with the push for research and action.

Sorry for the sermon! xP Just want you to keep an open mind and not be hard on yourself. Welcome to Phoenix Rising!

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Maarten (who thinks she sermonizes rationally & reasonably, apparent oxymoron tho' 'twould seem, 'tseems to me )

P.S. Here is another rational & reasonable sermonizer, for those with sufficiently well working braincells:

-- Sermons: Fifteen Sermons Preached at the Rolls Chapel : By Joseph Butler
-- http://anglicanhistory.org/butler/rolls/index.html
(1st 1729 A.D. - 'Age of Reason')