Hello Hoping,

Thank you:
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Hello Maarten,
I need some time to digest your response. I will be back in the next day or so with a response. In the US this is a 'long weekend,' which means for those of us that manage to be able to work (mine is 30 hrs per week), we have Monday as a Holiday... I hope you have a lovely weekend.

PS- On a more personal note...I once worked for a German company that had a Dutch subsidiary located in Sliedricht (hope I spelled that right). I had the opportunity (just before contracting this blasted disease) to travel to Amsterdam (1985). I found it to be a most interesting and friendly city.

Don't feel forced to overdo it: I did raise a number of very difficult and deep questions - but indeed because I think they matter, and because I really liked what you wrote and - for all my asking for meanings - wrote also very clearly. So take care, please: it's a subject difficult to exhaust and easy to exhaust, if my "fatigued" brain gets the double entendre (double meaning) correctly, at this late stage of the day...

As to spelling: quite correct but for "e" for 2nd "i", and more personally speaking you can do a lot more than me, it seems, and I do hope you stay as relatively well as you are or get better.

And as to Amsterdamn...great architecture, in the center of the city (but I had some personal problems there I wouldn't have had if it were well governed, or honestly governed or morally governed - said enough).

But the weekend here is supposed to become very fine indeed: Young Spring, and I hope to enjoy some of it, as I hope you will ... thanks.

Best wishes,