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Mar 3, 2010




A non-dreamer reports

Hi Dreambirdie and other dreamers,


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Hey Sing, I've definitely noticed this. The more restricted my life is, the more active my dreams become to compensate for what's missing.

Yup, erotic material can be a magnet for the wrong kind of people. I'm not in favor of sharing it online.

I agree about leaving out the erotic material on this site - but this is very easy for me, for I almost never dream (once in six years, is my estimate) and the dreams I do have are about meeting women I loved in the park on a sunny day (clothes on etc.: not even a hint of naughtiness, so to speak). Also, I never had a nightmare in my life.

Any other non-dreamers here? I know of a few - my fellow Dutchman Multatuli was one - but in fact I am rarely believed when I tell this or am met with replies like "you do, but you just don't recall them" (which presumes too much, and misses that people reporting dreams report their own experiences, and so do I when I report I rarely have this kind of experience).

I very well may have REM-sleep and all that (never had it checked) but if I do dream at night I don't recall anything of it in the morning: I usually am simply absent for all I am conscious of when I am asleep, and generally wake up from nothing, with nothing to recall for having dreamt.

A related somewhat strange thing is that I do have a very good and versatile visual imagination and recall, and if I dream (or recall a dream) it is in full-colour 3D. (Also, if I want I can do the erotic visualisations - or whatever - in almost the same full-colour 3D, where the main difference seems to be that my normal waking consciousness is also there, and more vivid.)

This has always been so with me, also as a child (when I did have a lot of hypnagogic imagery I could control, before falling asleep) i.e. ME has made no difference to this.

And I feel quite well about it, in that I found the few dreams I had (or recall), although pleasant and just-like-me-awake, a bit eerie in that I experienced things -that-were-not-as-if-they-were. That is: I find it not pleasant to wake up with the clear full-colour 3D memory of meeting someone I love(d) and then realizing I didn't meet her. It seems as if I am somehow tricked or have tricked myself. (But this may be just because it is a quite uncommon experience for me to dream.)


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