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Mar 3, 2010




Russian Roulette and health risks for people with ME when prescribed GET or CBT

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@ Adam opps beat you by 1 minute.

Indeed an excellent letter.


+1 - and let me note that my own suspicion, being a psychologist, is that many of those with real ME/CS who say that CBT helped them, were tricked into this by the phraseology of the questions on the form they filled out, that subtly or not so subtly prodded them in that direction. (E.g. - making this up, but I've seen a lot of psychological questionnaires: "Were you helped by the CBT we provided for you? 1 - very much; 2 - a lot; 3 - some; 4 - a little; 5 - don't know ; 6 - no; 7 - it was useless": with such style of questions and stacking the deck 4 out of 7 comes out as pro.)

Also, most people have very exaggerated ideas about what psychologists really know, understand, can do etc. Apart from all that: The basic point about CBT and GET is that a doctor who prescribes it to a patient with ME/CFS is gambling with their interests and health, given the bio-medical evidence how dangerous esp. GET may be for people with ME/CFS, that just should be forbidden to medical doctors, just as prescribing Russian Roulette (*) to a patient would be, even if the price of survival were $ 10 million, "with which you finally can buy qualified medical help".

And as the material shows that Orla so well criticised, from the Liverpool shrinks:

-- http://www.forums.aboutmecfs.org/sho...tient-handout/

For people with ME/CFS (i) offering the CBT is denying that are really ill, while (ii) what is offered is more in the nature of maoistic brainwashing than in the nature of rational coping methods.

See also:

Title: ME: !! Seriour Health GET + CBT Warning !!
Link: http://www.maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100414a.htm

Offering CBT or GET to a patient who satisfies the criterions of the CDC by a medical doctor, as some kind of remedy or therapy for ME/CFS, should be considered grossly unprofessional, as there is excellent evidence this produces iatrogenic misery or provides no help at all, while enriching the therapist.

Medical doctors and psychologist should not have - and by my understanding of ethical codes - do not have the right to embark on or endorse this kind of deeply scientifically and morally flawed gambling with patients's health and rights.


(*) Russian Roulette = loading a gun with one bullett in the cylinder at an unknown place, and handing to someone to put to his or her head and pull the trigger, for a price if he or she survives it.

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