Hello Alexia,

Didn't I seem to remember bitter complaints by your hand about severely declined IQ?! Or is that my declined idem kidding me (and was it Alesh)?


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I've read in this link that Ortho a Dutch magazine called Judy to clarify if they had found XMRV in samples sent by Dr Kuppeveld and she said on a phone interview that the WPI received seven samples from Dr. K. and 3 were positive!! Later she was told that 2 samples were from ME patients and one was from a control healthy person.

The link from the Ortho http://www.ortho.nl/bestanden/artike...ieuwsxmrvb.pdf

Good find Alexia!

Recommended to readers of Dutch, and also to Portugese capacious minds, of course ;).

I'll report later if it contains anything significantly new (and am not wont to start speculating with a darth of evidence), but I do think dr. Van Kuppeveld has to explain a few things, though he well may be quite honest and on the level.


P.S. I think Dr. Yes and others may like to see a translation: This is the clearest so far about this issue, and the background to the colloquial Dutch report. You'll have to credit Google.translate though, for my health is not up to translating it all.