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10 jan 2010




The MEdical Sadism connection

The MEdical Sadism connection

Here is a brief outline of a scientific medical hypothesis I have arrived at after 32 years of study, that I intend to follow up in more detail on my website www.maartensz.org.

1. Introduction

As some may have noticed, I am new to this forum and also I am Dutch, with excellent degrees in philosophy and psychology, and (the symptoms of) ME for more than 32 years now. I am still reading through the forum, but am pleased to find so many smart people with a similar outlook, and - alas - similar horrible experiences and discrimination, sometimes since decades.

Since I am ill for so long, and since I am psychologist and philosopher, here is a translation of the last part of a piece I wrote today for my site in Dutch, that reflects my own position, which is that I intend to treat and describe quite a number of psychiatrists and psychologists who have ruined my life and chances publicly as medical sadists, a category of medical malfeisance I much insist should be in the law books and on the educational courses for medical doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists a.s.a.p.

Indeed, I regard it as a somewhat important discovery about the - personal and financial - motivations of many medical doctors (such as I have seen over the past 32 years) and also about many psychologisch and psychotherapists I known of and studied with or under (and I repeat I am a psychologist myself), many of those I saw or know palpably very much less smart and scientific than I am, to want to become or remain a medical doctor or psychotherapist: It gives such enormously rewarding and pleasant chances to indulge all manner of perversions and fraudulence with a minimal chance of being found out!

Here then are some authentic quotations by one of the main MEdical sadists (and I will answer in court, in Denmark, to anyone who wants to persecute me for speaking the truth, and remind such people of my own degrees and qualifications, and point them to my site for a dose more of my prose) prof.dr. Simon Wessely, including references - and you should realize that at ALL times at which this medical dr. Mengele wrote his sick and perverse medicalese lies, the position of the World Health Organization was what it still is: ME is a neurological disease and it is NOT what a - to me - evident medical sadist like Wessely tries to falsify it into since decades, to serve his own financial interests and perversions, namely as if ME would be - for example - my mentally disturbed attempt to defraud the authorities into paying me minimal dole and giving me maximal bureaucratic discrimination for decades, whereas I happen to have the best possible degree in the supposed science of psychology, and live in Holland (the heaven of hypocrites and cognitively challenged sports fans) only because I am too ill to escape it.

2. Quotations + Responses

"We never hurt each other but by error or by malice."
(Sir Robert Chambers, possibly inspired by Dr. Johnson,
A Course of Lectures on the English Law, vol I)

(Quote 1) '" What lies behind all this talk of viruses and immunity ?... In consequence, talk of viruses and the immune system is now deeply embedded in popular consciousness ... Viruses are an attribution free from blame ... there's no blame, no shame and no stigma ... and here is the virus research doctor himself to protect us from that shame... And what is it he delivers? Respect!" Wessely, S. CFIDS Chronicle, USA. 1994.

My response:

What lies behind all this denial of viruses and immunity? Plain sadism. In consequence, talk of somatization, wimps, malingerers and frauds is thanks to the efforts of psychiatric sadists now deeply embedded in popular consciousness. There's no blame, no shame and no stigma, for the sick bastards think they can say anything covered by their psychiatric degrees. And here is the psychiatric witchdoctor himself to protect himself and his brethren perverts ... And what is it he delivers? Respect and income for psychiatric and psychotherapeutic sadists in the name of science!

(Quote 2) "Viral attribution, reflects, somatization par excellence".
Wessely, S. CFIDS Chronicle, USA. 1994.

My response:

Denial of viral attribution reflects medical sadism and a perverse attitude to medical ethics par excellence.

(Quote 3) ''Continuing attribution of all symptoms to a persistent virus preserves self-esteem.'' Butler, S. Chalder, T, Ron M, Wessely S. JMMP 1991:54:153-158. Cognitive behaviour therapy in chronic fatigue syndrome

My response:

'Continuing attribution of all symptoms to a persistent psychological cause preserves incomes and the freedom to engage in sadistic perversion dressed up as legitimate medicalese treatments.'

(Quote 4) ''Neurasthenia remains in the Mental and Behavioural Disorders chapter under Other Neurotic Disorders.'' ''Neurasthenia would readily suffice for ME.'' David, A. Wessely, S. (1993) Chronic Fatigue, ME and the ICD-10. Lancet 1993:342:1247-1248.

My response:

Medical sadism or madness unfortunately so far has been kept out of the Mental and Behavioural Disorders chapter under Other Neurotic Disorders.' 'Medical sadism would readily suffice for the responses of many doctors to patients with ME, and also plays a role in so-called professional medical stances in many other the medical treatment of many other diseases.' 'Indeed, it may seem in initially strange to psychological laymen, but one obvious motive for the weaker types of character to want to become a doctor or therapist is that they just love having power over people who cannot defend themselves well or at all.'

(Quote 5) ''Beard and Mitchell have returned to obscurity, but their disease (Neurasthenia) is back with avengeance. My local bookshop has just given ME the final seal of approval, it's own shelf. A little more psychology and a little less T-Cell would be welcome.'' Wessely, S. (1989). What your patients may be reading. BMJ 1989:298:1532-1533

My response:

Whatever enables medical sadism to engange in their sadism seems sound science to these sick minds - even when they know it is based on their own ignorance, perversions, personal interests, and dishonesty.

(Quote 6) ''The average doctor will see they are neurotic and he will often be disgusted with them.'' Wessely, S. (1990). Chronic Fatigue and Myalgia Syndromes. Psychological disorders in General Medical Settings. Ed: N Sartorius at al Pub: Hogrefe & Huber.

My response:

Any person with half of a working brain and heart will see that Wessely and his school are medical sadists and will be disgusted by these sick medical travesties, who practice perversions in the guise of psychiatric or medical science.

(Quote 7) “I will argue that ME is simply a belief, the belief that one has an illness called ME.”, “I will argue that ME is simply a belief, the belief that one has an illness called ME.”, “The Victorians lived in an age of fatigue, we now live in the ME generation” "there is another condition with which ME might easily be confused... it is hysteria."
"there is another condition with which ME might easily be confused... it is hysteria."

“people redefining themselves in terms of illness..and these views matter – they affect outcome, look at these studies of prognosis..hence our virus doctor exists not to hold out hope of cure - but to give legitimacy to distress” (From Simon Wessely's talk entitled Microbes, Mental Ilness, The Media and ME: The Construction of disease, at the Eliot Slater Memorial Lecture)

My response:

I will argue that the idea that ME is psychosomatic is simply a belief, the belief that there is no illness called ME. The Victorians lived in an age before Fraud, we now live in the ME generation where canting psychiatric perverts can make heaps of money in the name of Fraud by the defamation, character assassination, and slander of literally millions of genuinely ill people. There is another condition with which ME-pooh-poohism might easily be confused... it is sadism, incidentally the main professional danger for all psychiatrists and medical doctors, since "All power corrutps, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" (Lord Acton)

3. My own position

I have sketched my own position above, and whoever strongly disagrees with it may go to court.

Also, it is my intention to attack the two Dutch ME-frauds, Bleijenberg and Van der Meer, in Dutch also, because I find it a great shame such sickos have been driving Dutch people to suicide while knowing they are lying and misrepresenting, and at least Bleijenberg is a major dumbo without the least decent grasp of real science, being a Dutch psychologist - for the likes of which (and I am one of them, and almost the only one to speak the truth about this type) readers of Dutch should consult my Spiegeloog-columns (published in the faculty of psychology of the university of Amsterdam in 1988-1989. This is the link: http://www.maartensz.org/meinadam/sploog_columns.htm. The one with "yahoos" in the title is mostly English, and in imitation of Jonathan Swift. Here is its link, since it explains fairly well for what manner of prose I have been removed thrice from the University of Amsterdam "in spite of your serious illness", as its - also, clearly - sadistic Board of Directors wrote me in 1988: http://www.maartensz.org/meinadam/spyahoos.htm)

Since my health on the moment is not good at all I don't know when I will turn to this, but the above is what I do think and hope to do, because I am sick of being told I am not sick by people who do so because they are themselves sick sadists, who never should have studied medicine or psychology, who never should have been allowed to practice it, and who are evident intellectual and moral thousand-raters, besides being not well in their heads.

For indeed, if it is a matter of scientific theorizing, my theory about medical sadism, as an explanation for the medical maltreatment of millions with ME over the last three decades, is a better supported theory than the fraudulent "science" the medical psychiatric sadists involved with ME have produced, for the existence of sadism in medical people is a wholly uncontroversial fact, but the existence of somatization disorders is at best a flimsy hypothesis thought up by a group of people engaged in something that is hardly a real science, and that controverts all solid scientific methodology of the real sciences.

4. Health warning

I have a long background of controversy in Holland, not about ME but about the decline of education, civilization and science in Holland over the last four decades, with the rise of postmodernism, and indeed am medically diagnosed by medical specialists as having ME for over 32 years now. I also am nearly 60 and in possession of excellent degrees in psychology and philosophy, and maintain a large site. If you are younger and less well qualified academically than I am, and especially if you have ME and live in England or Holland, it MAY be very wise on your part, even if you agree with me, to be a little less outspoken in public than I am, if only because you are or may be dealing with psychologically sick people with FAR too much power and status due to their medical or psychological degrees.

5. As to the topic of this thread

The topic is The-Psychiatric-view-of-ME-CFS-What-is-it. My answer (also speaking as a psychologist): It is mostly baloney, like most psychiatry and much psychology; it is not real science in any sense; and as it has panned out for over thirty years now it is excellent empirical evidence for the existence of MEdical sadism, especially in psychiatrists and psychotherapists, but not only there.


P.S. for DrYes: I see the madmen have taken over your asylum! Take care and don't let them drive you nuts (and check out Edgar Allan Poe on dr. Tarr and professor Feather, and Ken Kesey's "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", and anything by Goffman you can lay your hands on, and check out Zimbardo on the Stanford Prison Experiment and "defining the situation": Bitter if somewhat enlightening, I suppose, in the category of "it's human-all-too-human" - that is, check this out if you can find the opportunity and energy.)

I'll provide some links when I have found out how to do so in this forum-editbox, that misses screen tips for its icons. (It must be trivial to do, but I am tired. If _Kim_ is around she might send me a link to where I can find it out - I am computer-savvy, but not with icons without screentips - and I can tell her also - as if she would care - that her avatar was reproduced almost as large as a full page yesterday in the Dutch paper I read, and is by Egon Schiele, or so the paper says.)

Well, explicit links for the moment

- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_prison_study .... Wikipedia link
- http://www.believermag.com/issues/20...rview_zimbardo .... good recent interview with Zimbardo
- http://www.prisonexp.org/ .... Zimbardo's site re the S_p_s

These are not about ME directly, but are about the effects of "definining the situation", which is directly relevant to people with ME. The last item is well done (like the others), and has many pictures and good summaries.

P.S. And there is this reference as for the meaning of my terminology

- http://www.maartensz.org/philosophy/...y/S/Sadism.htm

And this piece is also on my site in the Nederlog series (mostly in Dutch, some English)

- http://www.maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100110b.htm

Maarten Maartensz

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