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Jan  1, 2018 Nederlog 2018: Updates for the new year
Jan  2, 2018 Crisis: Visionless Society, Duty To Warn, Fake News, Russia & Trump, "Russia-gate" (2018)
Jan  3, 2018 Crisis: Silicon Valley, Spy Agencies, Seven Forbidden Words, Public Warnings, Climate Change
Jan  4, 2018 Crisis: On Steve Bannon, "Russia-gate", North Korea, 60 Years Of CIA, Buying With Cash
Jan  5, 2018 Crisis: On Dissent, Dissidence in the USA, Trump's Businesses, World From Hell, Totalitarianism
Jan  6, 2018 Crisis: On James Risen, Mass Exodus(?), Trump's Dangers, Google & Facebook, On Journalism
Jan  7, 2018 Crisis: "A Very Stable Genius"*2, Paper Libraries, Neoliberalism, Fuckbook Etc.
Jan  8, 2018 Crisis: Sick Souls, ¨Stable Genius¨, Dangerous Trump, Overthrow Our Rulers, On Corporations
Jan  9, 2018 Crisis: ´Fire and Fury´, On Trump´s Mind *2, An Obvious Madman, Is Trump Certifiable?
Jan 10, 2018 Crisis: NSA Spying, On Steve Bannon, Trump´s Skills, Nader on Trump, Wars & Propaganda
Jan 11, 2018 Crisis: On Trump´s Insanity, Washington Post, Monarchism,´Stable Genius´,  Nuclear Arms
Jan 12, 2018 Crisis: Exit Privacy, Julian Assange, #MeToo, Watergate Moment?, ¨Russia-gate¨
Jan 13, 2018 Crisis: Spying Powers, Nuclear Threats, Trump's Interview, Six Euphemisms, Goldwater Rule
Jan 14, 2018 Crisis: "Fire and Fury" *3, Progress for Merkel, Challenging Trump's Language
Jan 15, 2018 Crisis: Shithole Country, MLK Jr, Antarctic Trouble, Empathy, Whitehouse Liars
Jan 16, 2018 Crisis: Pope Frances, Chelsea Manning, Net Neutrality, Assault on Reason, Nuclear Arms
Jan 17, 2018 Crisis: USA's Many Wars, "Alternative Facts", Net Neutrality, Shithole States, Trump
Jan 18, 2018 Crisis: Trump's Qualities, Middle Class, Ethics Experts, On Surveillance, Twitter Rock Stars
Jan 19, 2018 Crisis: Trumpian Decline, FISA Reauthorization *2, Testability, A Fungus
Jan 20, 2018 Crisis: Horrible Surveillance Law * 3,  Dictator Trump, The Morons of Facebook

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