Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Crisis+Quotations: Data-Mining, Torture, Trump, Supreme Court - Aphorisms+The Fugs

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1. Summary
2. Quotations
3. Crisis Files
4. A bit about The Fugs

This is a Nederlog of Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

1. Summary

This is a crisis log but it is a bit different from how it was the last four years:

I have been writing about the crisis since September 1, 2008 (in Dutch) and about the enormous dangers of surveillance (by secret services and by many rich commercial entities) since June 10, 2013, and I probably will continue with it, but on the moment I have several problems with my computer, my modem, the company that is supposed to take care that my site is visible, and my health.

It may be that I'll be off for a few weeks, that is, I will publish nothing or little for a few weeks. I don't know yet, but I will keep you informed in Nederlog.

And what I will do for the moment - since I am still looking at 35 sites every morning - is to list the items I selected, but without any of my comments. Today I selected five items, and they are below and link to the originals, but on the moment I have no comments, basically because that takes too much work on the moment.

2. Quotations

As I have said above, I am writing less these weeks for various reasons. These are the twelfth ten of my aphoristical reactions [1] to Chamfort's aphorisms:
It is with moral qualities as it is with the art of medicine: The good that most men do, is motivated like the good most doctors do, viz. adequate remuneration.

Deserved wealth is nearly as much an oxymoron as is good evil.

One cannot be a thoroughly bad man without doing some good, just as one cannot be a swindler without seeming honest.

If a Diogenes were to arise in modern society, he would be promptly put in a madhouse.

There is no human society without deception and hypocrisy.

If one believes one can be a social success without being a hypocrite, one knows neither men nor society.

In human society, nothing happens without some pretense.

To live in society is to play a part all the time - and nearly all believe that the parts they play are the individuals they are.

Seeing how much cruelty, stupidity and ignorance there is and always was in human society, it is well to note that there always and everywhere has been a small minority that knew how to avoid these human shortcomings and weaknesses.

Nearly all men learn how to falsify themselves fundamentally, somewhere between the ages of fifteen and twentyfive, so as to make some social career, or live peacefully in society - and after that they believe all their lives that they are the parts and roles they play.

There is hardly any succesful deception of men without at least a little self-deception in the deceiver.

It is a sobering thought that most men cannot be much better than they are already.

There is more from where the above comes from.

3. Crisis Files

I have been writing on the crisis since September 1, 2008 (Dutch) and with considerably more attention since June 10, 2013 (English).

If you check out the
crisis index you will find that I wrote in over eight years nearly 1600 files, that nearly all consisted of a reference to one or more articles that were partially quoted and mostly commented.

I will continue with that, simply because I think the crisis is a very important social, political and economical event, but meanwhile I have turned 67 and need a little rest,
so what I'll be doing the coming weeks (at least), is selecting 3 to 6 files from the 35
sites I consult every morning to see what's happening in the world of politics and econonomics, and present them, but now without my comments.

Here is today's selection:
1. Republican Data-Mining Firm Exposed Personal Information for
     Virtually Every American Voter

2. CIA No Longer Can Defend the Indefensible—Its Torture
3. Talking With My Friend About Trump
4. Supreme Court Delivers 'Dangerous Message': Immunity for
     Former Bush Officials Over 9/11 Detentions
5. THE FUGS - "Exorcism of the White House" (2017, Official
These are all well worth reading. There is a (small) bit about The Fugs in the next item.

4. A bit about The Fugs

In fact, I know about The Fugs (<- Wikipedia) since over 50 years, and indeed they exist since late 1964. I do recall hearing some of their music between 1967 and 1969 (someone had at least one record), but that's about it, which is - in part, at least - explained by the fact that I was 17 in 1967, always was Dutch, and lived most of my life in Amsterdam, Holland.

And I got the above fifth item -
THE FUGS - "Exorcism of the White House" (2017, Official Video) - by way of the website of Ed Sanders (<-Wikipedia) and I was interested in him (again) because I found his name in the context of the San Francisco Diggers (about whom you can find some more on my site here and here). So that's how I found the above fifth item.

As to the exorcism: If you believe in its literal truth you are far too silly to pay attention to. It's a metaphor and it expresses a strong dislike of Trump, which I share. And I recommend you follow the text (and discard all references to divinities and angels). It probably won't make any real difference, but I liked its dislike of Trump.

[1] These are aphorisms of my own. I like them and therefore reproduce them. Nicolas Chamfort was French and lived from 1741-1794. He was extremely witty. (And I admit neither he nor I are friendly about the majority.) Also, while I say these are "ten aphorisms", there usually are more: I am speaking of "ten" due to the original grouping (which has been deleted in this presentation).

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