Thursday, June 8, 2017

On My Website (At "") +
On My Website (At "")

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1. Summary
2. On my website at ""
3. On my website at ""

This is a Nederlog of Thursday, June 8, 2017.

1. Summary

This is not a crisis log but it is about my two websites, and especially the one at xs4all. nl. (There will be another crisis log later today.)

The main reason is that I have a website at "" since 1996 and a copy of the same website (because the "service" of "" consisted only of lies to me between 2003 and 2009) at "" in Denmark since 2004.

Both of these websites worked correctly (as websites: I am not talking about mail  in this Nederlog) from resp. 1996 till 2015 and from 2004 till 2015, and then both of these websites stopped working correctly by the end of 2015. I did get some news in the beginning of 2016 from the provider at They were "changing their computers" (they said and I can't control).

There was no news whatsoever from "" that - incidentally - is not anymore the real that I joined in 1996, but is since somewhere around 2000 a firm from the KPN (Dutch telecom) that retained all the propaganda of the real (they still do) but seemed to have also cast out all the good people that worked at the real (for they were good in my experience).

Of course, the new "" did not inform their users.

The rest of the present Nederlog is about a phone call I made yesterday with "".

2. On my website at ""

One main problem I have had with "" (that is: the KPN) between 2003 and 2009 was that it was totally impossible, for six years on end, to get mail from them, except incidentally and, it seemed, by chance.

What happened was this. The mail service had been OK (after initial problems getting on line that were sorted by the real in the beginning of 1997) till 2003. It should be said also that (i) from 1996 till 2009 I had a telephone modem, and not a fast internet connection, and that (ii) at the time I had to pay each and every telephone click the KPN counted, which started at 1 click per call.

From 2003 onwards (after having had a fine connection from 1997 till 2002) I could only very rarely get mail when I phoned in: Normally I did get a connection with "", after which this was immediately switched off for a reason I never found out. If I wanted to receive mail, it turned out I had on average to phone in between 10 and 30 times a day to receive mail once (that generally consisted of 25 spams for one real mail).

I phoned the "helpdesk" at "". These told me the following, and repeated that same story from 2003 till 2009:
"You have no problems because other people
  have no problems either
I could say want I wanted (I said i.a. that according to security firms one in four of all computers had been cracked), but I always got the same answer:
"You have no problems because other people
  have no problems either"
I was ill. My health was bad. I had many other problems. My site was meanwhile rapidly growing. I thought that if these providers (KPN pretending to be were lousy, then probably all Dutch providers were lousy (all work via KPN). I consented - and paid instead of 28 euros a month between 130 and 170 euros a month in telephone-bills between 2003 and 2009, from the very little money I had, simply to get mail once or twice a day.

This does not precisely lead to good feelings.

At long last, in 2009 I got fast internet and with that the email problems I had had "for a mere 5 to 6 years" completely disappeared.

Most went well from 2009 till the end of 2015.

At the end of 2015 I got problems with both providers (that to the best of my knowledge are completely independent firms, in two different countries), for from then on both websites were uploaded extremely slowly and quite unpredictably.

It was - by far - the worst at "" that uploaded on average once in a week, at unpredictable times, while I have had new material for the site every day. On average, the site was uploaded once in a week, so I must infer I lost most of my readers in Holland. (Imagine if my site were a daily paper! Condemned to - unpredictable - refreshings once a week!!)

Because I had met completely incompetent utter liars between 2003 and 2009, and because I meanwhile had learned that it is already a small miracle if an internet provider does keep the minimum of the contract you have with them, and because I had not met anyone with any knowledge at "xs4all" (really: the KPN) since 2003, I did not do anything except registering the totally ridiculous "service" on my sites.

It did not help (though grew mostly correct through 2016).

At long last I phoned them yesterday. Of course, they have no responsibility for anything, and the people I am allowed to talk to (after coughing up my full details) are so ignorant about the firm they work for that you do not get any other excuse than "that was before my time".

What they told me was that the upload problems, in their opinion, are caused by the fact that there was - next to the standard "index.htm" I am using since 1996, also an
"index.html" file on their hard disks (for my site).

That is correct, but I thought this should cause no problem, but I have removed them from both of my sites yesterday. We shall see.

For one thing, the other site I have, in Denmark, did inform me in the beginning of 2016 that they were changing their computers, which did lead to some upload problems, but they have been working fairly well for a long time with the "index.html" file present on their disks - but it also seems as if these are levels of technical expertise that are already quite beyond the people I am allowed to talk to, at "".

All I can say on the moment is: We shall see.

3. On my website at ""

As I have explained in the previous section, there were upload problems with the Danish site as well, but (i) I was warned there might be, and (ii) the problems that did occur were far less than at "" (really: KPN).

There are some other problems there, but I will leave these unmentioned for the moment.

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