20 December 2009


Metrofraude: Alweer gelijk - docu 1: Keymessage



1. Introduction
2. Haven of the mafia and corrupt politicians and bureaucrats
3. Key Message (about the Metro fraud)

   P.S. (Dutch) 

1. Introduction

This concerns what I call the Amsterdam Metrofraud, because that is what it is, though the criminal mayor and aldermen of Amsterdam, who perpetrated the fraud - at present of 2.5 billion Euros at least - choose to call it otherwise viz. The NORTH/SOUTH METRO LINE Project (since this is what it nominally is all about: building a metro from the north part to the south part of Amsterdam, through the worldfamous Center of Amsterdam).

It is in English for two reasons.

First, because I want to spread the fame of the criminal Amsterdam mayors Van Thijn, Patijn and Cohen worldwide:

These men are very dangerous very criminal frauds and political conmen, both as regards the billion-euro fraud involving the Amsterdam Metro and as regards the even larger and far more dangerous fraud involving the semi-legal dealing in illegal drugs in Amsterdam, with a yearly turnover in which the total Metro-fraud of billions disappears 5 times at least.

You will find a lot of documentation as regards the drugs fraud in ME in Amsterdam, mostly in Dutch (but see note [0]!), that also contains the Amsterdam part of the parliamentary investigatory committee on drugs called the Van Traa report of 1995, again in Dutch, with 190 notes I wrote to it, in Dutch, in 2001 (that form a better way to read through the Van Traa-report, if you read Dutch, because I a much better writer than Dutch parlementarians are, personally or in groups).

Second, there has been an Amsterdam municipal investigatory committee on the The NORTH/SOUTH METRO LINE Project that has been published last week a Municipal Metrofraude Report that you can find under the last link. Note that this is in Dutch parlementarian speech, which is a highly crafted kind of Dutch Doublethink, and it takes 14 MB. [1]

As my note [1] explains, I have downloaded this but not read it, but what I have read, and converted to html for my site is the following so called


For some reason this is in English and is also on the official site of the City of Amsterdam that the Municipal Metrofraude Report is on; it is also in pdf but at a mere 19 Kb, and you find it under the link that starts KEY MESSAGE  

So this I will include today in Nederlog and I will now turn to a brief English introduction before reproducing it.

2. Haven of the mafia and corrupt politicians and bureaucrats

My title refers to Amsterdam and if you read Dutch, by all means read ME in Amsterdam, that contains the proofs that Amsterdam is the European haven of the mafia and corrupt politicians and bureaucrats since decades, and has grown into one ever since the mafia-mayor Van Thijn acquired power.

ME in Amsterdam has the singular merit that the present criminal mayor Cohen and his staff have read it all, studied it closely in 2008, and concluded everything is true in it - and note that Cohen does not do anything with it or about, because the Dutch televised, spoken and written media  give access only to people who are harmless to the Dutch leading bureaucrats and politicians, and so he can continue being a criminal without fear for the consequences (apart from a revolution).

But in fact it is true - and mayors Cohen, Patijn and Van Thijn all agree - that there have been the last decades several enormous and highly criminal frauds in Amsterdam, that in fact has been governed and perpetrated by successive criminal groups of so called  ‘Colleges of Aldermen’ of the municipality of Amsterdam, this being short for the factual leaders of Amsterdam: The mayor, his aldermen (note though that the Dutch "wethouder" is much more appropriate, in principle, since it translate as "lawkeeper", even though in fact these Amsterdam "lawkeepers" have been very willing drugscorrupt lawbreakers for 25 years now at least - and indeed the yearly drugsprofits in Amsterdam must be easily over a billion euros each year); plus their top bureaucrats; plus the tops of the private corporations and ngo's the last three sets of criminals choose to work with.

In fact, there have been very many frauds in Amsterdam since decades, because Amsterdam has had a criminally corrupt set of mayors and aldermen ever since 1982, who in fact worked only to enrich themselves and their friends (bureaucrats, other politicians, ngo's, fraudulent builders), as has been outlined in 2000 in "Chaos aan de Amstel" by Jos Verlaan.

Also in fact, since only the criminals themselves i.e. the political power brokers in Amsterdam and their partners in crime who are council members - who hope to become alderman or mayor themselves, and usually are or were corrupt bureaucrats or ngos before they became council members (and often also while) becoming council member - can do something about these crimes, and since they choose to consider anyone a criminal who describes their crimes as crimes, nothing happened and nothing happens, the more so since Amsterdam and Dutch journalists, nearly to a man, support the criminals who are their top politicians and bureaucrats, even or especially if these are evidently involved in crimes, such as protecting the yearly multi-billion Euros pure profit from the drugs that are spread throughout Europe from Drugs Center Amsterdam.

In case of doubt: See the Van Traa report, reader: There is no rational doubt whatsoever the Dutch deal many billions of illegal drugs - cannabis, cocaine, heroine, ecstasy - each year; that this has happened since decades with the very willing connivance of all Dutch ministers in those decades; that the dealers themselves have been protected, in Amsterdam and elsewhere, the mayors, aldermen, bureacrats and police; and that since Van Traa was killed in 1995 hardly anyone in Holland has had the courage to stand up against these criminals - and indeed: the likely result, especially in Amsterdam, is that one gets murdered.)

And therefore these problems are hardly ever publicly discussed, and whoever tries to discuss these problems in clear Dutch is called "a criminal", "insane", "a liar" and so on, by the effective assistants of the mafia since decades in Amsterdam, who tender their assistance as mayor, as alderman, as chief of police, as judge, as public prosecutor, or indeed as journalist - for it is literally, every year again, about billions of Euros in illegal wholly uncontrolled profits, and this has been going o9n systematically since 1982.

And since all these willing executioners of the willing executioners of the mafia that are mayor and alderman and top-bureaucrats of Amsterdam know that the latter sit - also - on top of an enormous amount of tax money to support their many lies, frauds and crimes, nearly everyone in Holland and especially in Amsterdam can be bought, cowed or threatened into silence by the political mafia that governs Amsterdam for the drugs mafia and their own enrichment.

But now there is, at long last, an English KEY MESSAGE NORTH/SOUTH METRO LINE SURVEY COMMITTEE as explained above, that addresses some of the comparatively minor crimes of the Amsterdam mayor and aldermen (it sofar only involves a fraud of 2.3 billion euros - peanuts compared to the yearly Amsterdam illegal drugs profits) and I will reproduce it below after giving a list of Dutch files I wrote about the Amsterdam Metrofraud since 2008

So here follows the full text of the above mentioned KEY MESSAGE

3. Key Message

(/Quote) - Dutch version-link



The ‘College of Aldermen’ of the municipality of Amsterdam has repeatedly made mistakes in the preparation, decision-making and construction-management process of the North/South metro line. The political desire of the College of Alderman and the majority of the City Council to complete the North/South metro line took precedence over the complex technical and organisational issues involved in the project.

In the 1990s the College of Aldermen and the City Council opted for a very complex alternative for the completion of the North/South metro line. In this alternative the metro line was to be constructed by drilling a tunnel under the heart of the city of Amsterdam with deep metro stations. The North/South metro line had to adhere to the following political conditions: no buildings were to be demolished and any inconvenience to normal city life had to be minimized. With these political conditions the other less risky alternatives were not feasible. The final decision in 1996 in favour of the drilling option was not based on an extensive technical and financial risk analysis.

In 1999 it became evident that the national government was only willing to sign a fixed-price agreement for the North/South metro line project. Any extra costs accruing during the process would have to be borne by the city authorities. This risk was paid for by the Government by means of an extra one-off payment. This agreement between the City of Amsterdam and the Government further implied that the Government’s expertise would no longer be available to the project.

The City of Amsterdam had little relevant in-house technical and management expertise. The Public Works directorate had gradually been dismantled from the end of the 1970s. For the construction of the North/South metro line the City of Amsterdam chose a project organisation which consisted of a small public management team assisted by a large number of private entities. The project organisation did not have the necessary experience or authority. The project was not managed well by the municipality. The Infrastructure, Transport and Traffic directorate fulfilled its role as a public contractor poorly. The other involved public parties were not able to evaluate the project properly.

Given the risks for Amsterdam and the complexity of the project, the College of Aldermen and the City Council decided to invite tenders for the project. The results of this tendering process would determine whether it was feasible to complete the project within the allocated budget. Only after this tendering process would the go-ahead be given. The results of the different tender rounds demonstrated that it would not be possible to complete the North/South metro line within the allocated budget. The results of the tendering process should have led to the reconsideration or cancellation of the project. The city authorities, however, decided to use the tendering results as the basis for negotiations with the contractors. In order for the project to remain on budget, the city authorities chose to bear more and more risks which the contractors would otherwise only have borne at an unacceptably high price. At the same time, the budget earmarked to cover these risks was insufficient. Moreover, important contracts were unusually open-ended. The municipality of Amsterdam appeared to have limited any budget overrun but future increases had in fact been predetermined.

In 2002 the College of Aldermen and the City Council decided to commence with the building of the North/South metro line. The College relied on the expertise of the project organisation and the plans were the subject of discussions which were politically focussed rather than on content. The City Council was pushed beyond of the extent of its capabilities and expertise. Neither the College of Aldermen nor the City Council realised that, at the time of the original go-ahead, an uncontrollable situation had been created. The project organisation had not been transformed into an organisation equipped to manage the construction process. There were insufficient checks and balances embedded in the public project organisation to ensure reliable project management. The project organisation paid insufficient attention to possible disturbance for the inhabitants of the city. At the same time open-ended contracts were signed and the risk reserves were too low. None of these aspects was tested externally prior to the definitive decision.

In the construction phase (2003 – 2009) of the North/South metro line the consequences of the choices made in the preparation phase quickly became apparent. The open-ended contracts led to claims for more work and discussions with contractors. These were immediately translated into budget overruns. The risk reserves were insufficient and the planning for the completion of the North/South metro line was postponed by eight years, which in turn resulted in further budget overruns. The total project budget rose by € 1 billion; the costs for the city of Amsterdam quadrupled. Both the financial project management and the risk management were not up to the challenge. As such the project organisation became part of the problem. The professionalisation of the project organisation did not occur quickly enough. From the start of the building of the North/South line was audited, but only in 2007 were the required changes in the project organisation undertaken. In contrast to the political promises given, the city has suffered from significant disruption because of the construction of the North/South line. In the construction phase problems were repeatedly left unaddressed. As a result an accurate overview of the current status of the project is not available. In the period 2005 – 2008 (financial) forecasts were continually adjusted and the planning and finance information presented to the city council was subjected to influence. This happened at project management level and often with the knowledge of the alderman responsible. Due to the fact that it had been provided with unrealistic forecasts, the city council was unable to perform its supervisory function. At the same time the City Council did not make sufficient use of the means at its disposal to acquire structural reinforcement.


A more critical review of large and risky projects must be conducted in the preparation and decision-making phases. This should include a cost-benefit analysis. Before the definitive goahead is given an external review must be conducted, in which all important facets of a project are taken into consideration. The consequences of the decision concerned would thus be evident prior to the making of the decision. The local authority and the Government must work closely together with regard to the planning of large infrastructural projects in the Netherlands. This recommendation would ensure that relevant (perhaps scarce) expertise is available for any given project.

A strong project organisation is required, operating at “arm’s length” of political decision making. This project organisation should be held accountable for the management and completion of the project in adherence with the political conditions set in advance. An independent and competent advisory board should advise and hold the project management accountable. Information management must be embedded within the organisation. It is of `importance that the municipality has a detailed institutional memory.

The City Council must strengthen its supervisory function by improving its knowledge infrastructure. The number of confidential meetings should be reduced. The quality of the decision making in the College of Aldermen and the City Council must be improved. More content discussions between Aldermen must take place before decisions are made. Furthermore, it is recommended that a debate takes place on the role of the mayor with regard to the quality of decision making by the College of Aldermen.

The North/South metro line survey committee has three further specific recommendations with regard to the North/South metro line. Firstly, it is recommended that the ‘Regulation for high-risk projects’ be applied to the North/South metro line. Secondly, in the short term the College of Aldermen should present to the City Council a decision to acquire professional indemnity insurance for the North / South metro line. Finally, the city council should hold a debate on the risks of drilling under the city of Amsterdam and the management thereof.

(/UnQuote) - Dutch version-link  [2]


At the moment I have no comments except that they will follow soon. My recommendation is that, if you are Dutch, especially if you live in Amsterdam, is that you read the above three times, and think about it, and try to rationally explain the (purported) facts the above Key Message states - especially including my own eminently rational hypothesis that in fact it all was fraudulent from the very start, precisely in the same way, for precisely the same reasons, involving to a considerable extent the same persons and firms, as were involved in the Dutch Bouwfraude - where a parliamentary report proved all building that has been done the last decades with taxpayers' money in Holland is systematically dealt with fraudulently, to the cost of many billlions for Dutch taxpayers each year, and for great financial benefits for corrupt Dutch bureaucrats and corrupt Dutch politicians.

After that report, nothing was done, in typical Dutch fashion, just as happened with the Van Traa-report: nothing, because doing something effectively, and in accordance to the text of the Dutch laws, would imply imprisoning prominent Dutch policians and bureaucrats for many years, and that is not practically possible nor done in Holland, until a major revolution has taken place:

Everybody in power in Holland covers and protects everybody with power in Holland, and the most powerful in all cities, in all city-councils, in the parliament, and in the bureaucracies, have personally known each other for many years, and are in cahoots with the leading journalists in the media, whom they also have known for many years.

For Holland is a very drugscorrupt very small country, of which the leading politicians must be enormously rich, probably in terms of hidden bricks of pure gold, for their riches all derive from personal corruption and toadying to the Dutch drugsmafia or their political and bureaucratic mafia-bosses in Amsterdam


P.S. (Dutch:) Later vandaag, als ik de energie vind, een vervolgje met meer interessante relevante documentatie. O, in dit verband zie - uit 2006 resp. 2002 - mijn Aantekeningen bij "De illusie van democratie" (origineel 4 mei 2002, en nog steeds zeer leerzaam voor wie naief is over misdadigers als Van Thijn, Cohen etc.)

O, en nog iets: Ik denk dat het waarschijnlijker is dan niet dat ik iets bijgedragen hen aan het nu bestaande Metrofraude-rapport, net als over het parlementaire Dijsselbloem-rapport, en heel wel mogelijk behoorlijk veel - maar ja: Als bijna enige Nederlander en Amsterdammer met de moed en vermogens de waarheid te schrijven word ik natuurlijk alleen maar geplagieerd, nooit beantwoord, en nooit genoemd door wie van me steelt.

P.S.-2 (Dutch:) Het is een opvallend feit dat mijn lezers mijn NL-stukken niet lijken te bevallen als ze over het klimaat gaan. Hier is de gebruiksgrafiek (geel) + download grafiek (rood) voor de Deense site voor de eerste 13 dagen van december:


Ik schreef over het klimaat op de 5e en 12e december (zie de links), terwijl ik op de 13e over het huidige huisartsenwezen schreef.

Wel, lezers.... ik eindigde op de 5e al met

Ook kan ik u verzekeren dat "Kopenhagen" - zal ik maar zeggen - net als "Kyoto" zal mislukken, al zou het formeel en op papier een groot succes zijn. En als u niet kunt begrijpen waarom ik dat denk, dan zou ik me eens in Machiavelli verdiepen, als ik u was.

zodat ik nu maar registreer, ook i.v.m. de Bottle of Hope from Coke waar ik het over mij zoveel gemeden stuk van de 12e schreef:

Kopenhagen = Foppenhagen

gebleken - zou ik zeggen, maar zoals u weet deug ik niet, deugde ik nooit, en zal ik nooit deugen, volgens heersende Nedernormen tenminste.

Hoe het zij, dit is een site waar de enige lezer die naar de mond gepraat wordt, bij zeer zeldzame gelegenheid bovendien, ikzelf ben: Ik schrijf wat ik denk, en niet wat een ander wil horen of lezen.

En wat het Ons Aller Klimaat betreft: Ik houd er niet van gefopt te worden, lezer, noch bedonderd, belogen, opgelicht, of besodemieterd, zelfs niet als de foppers, bedonderaars, leugenaars en besodemieteraars het o zo goed menen, of dat althans zeggen te doen. En ALLES wat mij via de media over Ons Aller Klimaat heeft bereikt was liegspraak, bijna altijd bewust ook, naar mijn inschatting. Wel.... ik participeer niet in delusies, ook niet als ze populair zijn.

Dat is één van de redenen, zoals Nederlog, Nedernieuws en mijn site aantonen, dat ik zo vaak gelijk blijk te hebben, achteraf, met wat ik vooraf, meestal als eenling, en met grote maatschappelijke of persoonlijke risico's, durfde te zeggen of publiceren.

En dat is ook weer één van de redenen dat ikzelf zo heel weinig op heb met Hollanders, Neerlanderthaliers, en dergelijk dom en kwaadwillig volk, en wel in het bijzonder omdat er geen enkel excuus is voor de domme smerige laffe kwaadaardigheid en kwaadwilligheid waarmee bijvoorbeeld mijn eigen generatie van pretense duisterdenkers, leugenaars en carrieremakers wat ze overhandigd kregen aan Neerlandse beschaving met groot en graag sadisme en in diep nivelleer-genot de nek omdraaiden, alleen voor eigen status en inkomsten, ten koste van iedereen die na hen geboren is in deze opzettelijk gedebiliseerde en genivelleerde polderdommocratie, de heilstaat voor politieke en bureaucratische beestmensen, het Colombia van Europa, de hemel van de Europese drugsmafia, en het paradijs voor volkszangers, randdebielen, uitvreters en oplichters.

Dus als u een IQ boven de 125 heeft en gezond bent: Wat DOET u in deze moreel en intellectueel volstrekt achterlijke staat, als u tenminste geen gewillige meeprofiteur van de geschetste corruptie bent?!

Gelooft u mij: Ik ben hier ALLEEN omdat ik te ziek ben om te vluchten, en ik ben ALLEEN in leven omdat ik zo mogelijk mijn ideeën wil uitschrijven, wat zeer waarschijnlijk onmogelijk zal blijken, en in ieder geval ZEER veel persoonlijk te verrekenen heb met ZEER veel Amsterdamse universitaire en bestuurlijke misdadige schoften en sadisten.

P.S. 21 dec 2009: Somewhat corrected the text and also extended it a little.


[NOOT] If this graphic doesn't display well, and you're downloading from maartensz.org try the version in Amsterdam. My own version doesn't from maartensz.org doesn't display well, but I am too sick with the "replies" from "one.com" to restart trying to get any rational or reasonable reply from them, whoever they may be.

[0] But there is an English part, that gives the text of a speech I made, as invited speaker, in the faculty of philosophy in the Municipal University of Amsterdam in 1988, called 39 Questions about the qualities of education and government in the Netherlands, for reason of which I am the only student in Holland to have been kicked from a Dutch university "because of your outspoken opinions". Since making this speech, and since my removal, the Board of Directors of this university refuses to answers my complaints, which is entirely possible in Holland, to people like me, who can spend in a month what a not very stuoid Dutch lawyer requires per hour in fees.

[1] So far I have not read and I may never do so, because I have over thirty years of experience with the criminals, frauds, liars, cheats and very willing criminal assistants of the Amsterdam drugmafia who are mayor, aldermen, member of the city-council, or "civil servant" (in practice: uncivil master) in Amsterdam.

Their Dutch is composed of careful lies, misdirections, deceptions, fallacies, and euphemisms only and on purpose. It is Politically Correct always, from start to finish. It always contains many lies, many deceptions, many overstatements and understatements, and it makes it impossible to use it and speak rationally or think and act reasonably.

Hence I do not know whether I am willing to read through 14 MB of artful lies by mafia mayor Cohen and his cronies and willing executioners, were it only because legal specialist who do such things invariably tell one - if more or less honest - that the real meat of such reports is always hidden in the main text, and only dealt with, if it is dealt with at all, in obscure appendices to such reports.

[2] The Dutch version-link is a link to the Municipal Dutch version.

Text as converted by me from the pdf-file KEY MESSAGE that I found and downloaded on December 20, 2009. It is literally correct, except that the pagenumbers in the original have been removed.

My reason to remark this explicitly is that, as everything that emanates from the Amsterdam City Government is fraudulent, and since the Amsterdam City Government is in fact, and in terms of the laws of Holland as they are, a bunch of very dangerous criminals, anyone willing to investigate this - especially if Dutch - must remember Van Traa's death (the leader of the Parliamentary Investigation into illegal drugs had a mysterious car-accident that killed him, after which nothing was done about drugs in Holland by parliamentarians ever since, except tolerating that yearly between 10 and 100 billion euros of illegal drugs are trafficked in and through Holland, and especially in and through drugs-corrupt Amsterdam) (*) and must realize that everything the Amsterdam City Government produces consists of everchanging lies, misrepresentations, fraudulence, and very sick very false politically correct prose.

(*) The margin between 10 and 100 billion euros  is explained in the link, and is so large because absolutely no one in Holland has the courage and the means to do effective research into the trafficking of hard drugs through Holland. All that is known is that occassionally transports of coke and heroine have been accidentally (which means probably, as things go in Holland: tipped of by competing gangs) been intercepted worth several billions of euros.

Whether such transports happen daily, weekly or monthly is anybody's guess - but it is nobody's guess that of all places in the world to illegally deal in cocaine, heroine and cannabis Amsterdam is for top criminals by far the best equipped with corrupt bureaucrats (many hooked on cocaine), by far the safest place to be a drugscriminal, and it also has very soft and easy prisons, and many hundreds or thousands capable mafia-lawyers to keep important drugs dealers outside prison.

This situation - that Amsterdam and Holland are the Colombia of Europe - has been manufactured on purpose by Dutch corrupt politicians, lawyers and drugs traffickers since decades.

It will never be investigated honestly and capably without a major revolution in Holland, or a major collapse of Holland, or without Holland being occupied by the rest of Europe to stop and investigate the Dutch and Amsterdam drugs corruption.

Maarten Maartensz

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