6 november 2009


Reviewing my positions on programming

As you may know if you know my site well or read rather a lot of Nederlog (it happens), one of the things I like is programming.

This interest is absolutely non-professional, that is: without a special education for it and without wanting to make money with it, and is motivated mostly by my interests in logic and in computers, and by my interests in being able to do things that cannot be done readily on a computer without some programming, and probably also by my interests in mathematics, in the sense of playing with formulas. (*)

This means that I have been interested in programming languages few take an interest in, such as - in particular - Assembly and Smalltalk, on both of which I have spend some time and trouble, and that especially on the last, and have written about these on my site, also in Nederlog, and indeed have had (rather a lot of) material for and about them on my site.

Recently, I have reviewed and changed my position on Assembly and Smalltalk, as you can learn under the links, if interested.

Since few will be, I only state the summary here. My present position on these is as follow: For Assembly, go Masm32; for Smalltalk, don't (unless you know it well already).

P.S. In particular, this means that the stuff that was on my site that relates to RosAsm and to Squeak either has been removed or will be removed, and will not be continued. (There still is daily use of Squeak-material on my site, so I may let it hang around a while, but for me it is finished, over and done with.)

(*) This interest in playing with formulas may be a stronger motive than it appears, I realize: It's one reason to like computers, and probably a sine qua non for being really interested in programming.

Maarten Maartensz

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