27 september 2009


About ME and the site + mathematics + pervy profs


It could be better even with ME so this is just a short piece.

As to the site: I added Art to the Philosophical Dictionary and also updated the latter with some 25 changes of the last few months that I had forgotten to upload, I guess mostly of typos, though I am not sure, and if not they probably are small improvements.

The lemma Art is original, as is the rest of the Philosophical Dictionary, that mostly states my usage and understanding of the terms in it, in the form of stipulative definitions. There are no 575 defined terms in it.

The mathematics in the title consists of links to two useful, interesting and extensive sites concerned with mathematics:

Either will very probably interest you if you are interested in mathematics, and neither if not. I like them, find them useful and helpful, and it also helps thay both are well designed.

And the last item is a TYT-item that struck my fancy

about an American professor with some designs on his female students, now - I understood - in serious trouble. This struck my fancy because the pervy prof who removed me from the University of Amsterdam briefly before my M.A. in philosophy, together with my 39 Questions - Why I am much hated by the Dutch elite, hated my guts because I had criticized him and the dean of the faculty for allowing him to publish prose explicitly addressed to his female students in university publications like so - and I faithfully translate:

"I can easily imagine myself to be in the psyche of sexual killers: such beauty hurts your eyes; it is best to break it to pieces"


"Her pass mark she gets for sale, if she takes me first. But if she doesn't want to, I am not to be bought. How can I make this clear to her?"

By publishing it in the faculty-paper; by removing the one student who dared protest from the faculty; by screaming at him that he is a fascist and a terrorist; and then by working for 21 years in that same faculty, as a professor of ethics, and never answering my mails or letters, nor does the faculty, nor does the University of Amsterdam.

His name + title are professor dr. Frans Jacobs, and he is the professor of ethics at the University of Amsterdam. I think I can safely presume that this gentleman has since been satiated lustily and copiously all for free, all of the past 21 years, which is probably also why there are - relatively - so many female M.A.'s in philosophy from the University of Amsterdam.

To call him - the professor of ethics in the University of Amsterdam - who had me removed as a fascist and terrorist because I criticized his sexually sick perverse prose, his pretensions, and his sexual abuse of his power and function a pimp or a pervert seems to slander virtually the whole race of pimps and perverts. "Abusus optimus pessimus".

But he is the professor of ethics of the University of Amsterdam, the Board of which know this for 21 years now, and in response removed me from the university as regards philosophy and an M.A. degree in it, and made Jacobs into full professor of ethics, probably in thanks for removing me, and in order to encourage his sexual selling of his office.

P.S. The lawyer mr. Mieke Krol, who heads the judiciary staff of the UvA, and who refuses to reply my mails for over two years now must love professor dr. Frans Jacobs with a passion, and very well may have had herself half a year of ethical coursepoints for laying on her back for a quarter of an hour.

Indeed, she may very well be a postmodern feminist - for the UvA employs thousands of these, in spite of utter academic vacuity, fatuity and incompetence - and may know or suppose that most postmodern feminists in fact can't take really academical coursepoints in ethics, except horizontally, whence this ethical way of answering the need for postmodern feminist M.A.'s in philosophy specializing in ethics.

And obviously I am a fascist and terrorist for thinking this a perverse abuse of the university and a professorship, also for 21 years now, in which I got no help whatsoever while being an invalid all these years whereas Amsterdams ethical pervy professor was paid top money for selling course points for sexual favours.

Anyway... if you are young female, not very ugly, and willing to become an M.A. in philosophy, now you know how to go about it. 

Maarten Maartensz

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