22 september 2009


39 Questions - Why I am much hated by the Dutch élite

      "If we believe absurdities,         
        we shall commit atrocities."    


1. Introduction
2. 39 Questions - introduction 2009
3.                          - the questions
4.                          - afterwards 
5. Why I am much hated (in brief)

On the links in this text: The bold and [thus enclosed] links are to English texts (on my site); the others in Dutch (idem).

1. Introduction

This is an English Nederlog, and in fact is my translation of a speech I made in May of 1988, in the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), where I was a student then briefly before taking my M.A. in that subject.

I was an invited speaker, because I was known to have a very special conversational ability joined with original and independent opinions, and I was also known as an erstwhile student-leader, who had tried to keep the university scientific and rational and to prevent postmodernism and politication of university education.

This speech, that consisted only from questions, resulted in my removal from the university (as regards philosophy) "because of your publicly outspoken ideas", so wrote the Board of Directors, in a letter to me, and in my being called "a fascist" and "a terrorist" by my audience, after they lost a discussion.

As far as I know, I am the only student to have been removed from any Dutch university

"because of your publicly outspoken ideas"

since 1945.

Also, since then - although I had also won a major courtcase against the University of Amsterdam (after I had taken over from the lawyers) - the Board of Directors UvA has studiously refused to answer my mails, pay my damages, or admit of their personal responsibility.

And the Dutch, at least 16 million of them, possibly not counting some 100.000 yearly visitors of my site, don't care, virtually to a man, for most of them still believe what their TVs, political and religious leaders, schools and universities told them: Everyone is the equivalent - "de gelijkwaardige", "the equal in value" - of anybody else, and to say, think or feel differently is to be "elitarian", despicable, possibly fascist.

The same kind and rational Dutch minds, in the untold millions, insist on having the best doctors when they are ill; the best soccer players when they watch; the finest and most beautiful pop stars and idols; and very likely are also much in favor of unlimited personal bonuses for personal excellencies if they were to be the recipients - for nothing makes a typical Dutchman more passionate, more horny, more eager, more greedy, and more risktaking then profit, or a whiff of a chance of it. (*)

Meanwhile, in the course of 2008, even the Dutch parliament, yea verily!, even the government and the media have come ... to conclude that, yes indeed, Dutch education is an enormous mess on all levels, where 18-year olds arrive at Dutch universities - that they have to finish in 3 years, with M.A.'s sciences like European Studies, Bussiness Accounting w/minor in sports, or real law degrees, including 2 weeks of Ethics - not able to spell their own languages, not able to write tolerably at all, hardly having read anything (other than popular trash), and not able to sum 1/3 + 1/4 = x without a calculator.

But I am still hated, ignored, not talked nor written about, and - of course: I am Dutch - receive no help whatsoever with the serious disease it is medically admitted I do have since 32 years now, and my beloved fellow Dutchmen neglect to do this, or indeed maintain my human rights, quite simply because not doing so would be so much cheaper, so much better for Dutch bureaucratic (HUGE) pensions, and anyway because it is me who has ME, you see...

And here follow some of the reasons why. For the moment this is just a translation, with links and an afterword to follow later, but possibly my Dutch fellowmen may come to read and understand me, if it is written in English for all to see:

These are the "fascist" and "terrorist" 39 Questions that doomed me in Holland to dire poverty, consistent bureaucratic discrimination, and continuous pain and fatigue without any help - and praise the Dutch for their typically Dutch moral character and fellow-feeelings! It's a unique race, that much earlier gave human civilisation the concept of Apartheid, you see...

39 Questions about the qualities
of education and government
in the Netherlands

ˇ        (See ME in Amsterdam, nearly all in Dutch)

Introduction 2009

I remigrated in 1977 from Norway (where I could have studied) to the Netherlands and Amsterdam, where I was born and raised, in order to study philosophy, logic and mathematics.

As it happened, I found myself in a University of Amsterdam that was "fully democratised" i.e. in the power of a combination of postmodernistic leftist and feminist students and leftist members of the staff, who had the majority in the University Parliament, that ruled the Dutch universities for some 25 years as if the French student revolution of 1968 had triumphed in one place on earth: The Netherlands, from 1972-1995, when the strongly politicized so-called University Parliaments (literally: University Soviets = Universiteits-Raden) ruled the Dutch universities, also with the help of part of their politicized staffs and the Boards of Directors, usually from the Dutch Labour Party.

What I learned nearly immediately and heard ad nauseam the next 25 years was this

  • The University of Amsterdam exists (according to its democratically approved five-year plans, that governed all students, all of the staff, and all research):

          "To serve the interests of the trade unions, the interests of the feminist and queer movements, and the interests of the enviromental movement"

  • "Everybody knows that truth does not exist."
  • "Everybody knows that all morals are purely relative."
  • "Everybody knows that all men are of equal value."

The very few who denied or questioned or even merely doubted this were massively and automatically called "fascists", and were removed from university, whether professor (Daudt) or student (me).

In fact - this being Holland, a nation of collaboratist conformists - hardly anyone protested, and this because in the social, soft, alternative and literary sciences (so-called), the professors and lecturers had effectively been mostly nominated by the ruling leftist political student activists, and in the 1980-ies anybody - however lazy, however stupid, however undeserving - could and usually did get an M.A. in these "sciences" (so-called, indeed) by .... squatting and screaming leftist and feminist propaganda in the street at passers by: And in the end everybody (nearly) got a degree, also (especially) because the university got 15.000 dollars from the government for each and every degree they awarded, wholly regardless of its quality, and also regardless of the future generations, who were to be educated by a majority of university-degreed nitwits, liars and know-nothings.

And also, both my ex-wife and I fell il in January 1979 with a disease that 10 years later turned out to be Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - for which I still can get no help whatsoever, though it has been admitted by qualified doctors that I am ill since 32 years, usually very tired and in pain most of the time: My disease does not fit the Postmodern Norms and Values that rule Holland (for really helping me and other patients - who also are not helped - would cost real money, which should - of course! - be reserved to increase the pensions of the scientific staffs and bureaucracies of the Dutch universities as nominated in the Postmodern fat 25 years of total decline and ruin of the Dutch universities, as you might see for yourself, also - or especially - if you are not Dutch, for the Dutch still react to one who says this - that is: me, mostly, since 32 years also - as a slanderous fascist and terrorist, for these are and have been for forty years the beloved terms of abuse of any Dutch arrived leftist, ex-leftist, or so-called morally engaged person: "Whoever disagrees with my fine person must be a fascist, given the obvious and evident nobility of my intentions".)

And thus it goes... ($)

So... already having been removed twice from the University of Amsterdam "because of your public outspoken ideas" and "in spite of you very bad health, which we take very seriously" (Dutch text of a letter of the Board of Directors writing this to me), I was asked in 1988, because my linguistic abilities are far greater than is decent in a postmodern university with students with an average IQ of 115, whether I would be kind enough to speak to the students and staff of the philosophy-faculty, where I was known to be both brilliant and - obviously - dangerous and unreasonable, precisely because I was not a postmodern relativist nor an academic careerist like the rest. But yes... evidently I spoke better than the rest, and it could not be denied that I knew something.

I decided to read up the 39 questions that follow.

In response 16 academically employed philosophers, and a flock of students, shut me up, screamed that I was a (foul) "terrorist" and a (dirty) "fascist", both of which were common terms of endearment for anybody non-conformist at the time in the University of Amsterdam, where members of the Communist Party could straight-away become lecturers or professors because of their obvious personal, intellectual and moral qualities, fully proved and guaranteed by their party-memberships, as was their evident knowledge of the science they were to teach. (Obviously, of course.)

Each of those 16 philosophical nincompoops already then had received millions or more in Dutch taxpayers money (Dutch universities are paid for from the taxes; Dutch professors and lectures are state bureaucrats with guaranteed bureacratical incomes, perks, and pension schemes, and therefore - thus is The Revolutionary Mind inclined - were very much craved by my Revolutionary Marxist and Feminist co-students, who indeed usually got what they craved if only they were Revolutionary, Feminist or Queer enough, and not too obviously smarter tham most); none of these bureaucratic swines ever did anything of any intellectual or moral value; and all of them were disasters in education.

And thus it has been to this day - I wrote in 1988, and repeat in 2009, in which year I can add that all the prominent quasi marxist and quasi feminist careerists I studied with, all of them with IQs of 30 points less than mine, at least, have been - extra-ordinarily well-paid - professors and lecturers ever since, in some Dutch university, and except for the tiny fact that these days they are mightily offended by anyone even mentioning their pasts (which they all vomited up, then radically restyled, and immediately ate again in 1992, namely very briefly after the Communist Party had disappeared, and very  briefly before the universities were changed legally, and lost their University Parliaments). None of them did ever write anything of any value, whether in science or as a public "intellectual", so-called; all only served their own financial interests and those of their friends and party-comrades; all have lied for more than a generation now about science, civilization, universities, and politics.

And all had very pleasant lives, were very well taken care of, with much to leave to their proud children, in terms of houses and riches (in so far as they speculated well, that is).

In result, it has finally emerged and is at long last publicly admitted since 2008, the Dutch universities, the Dutch schoolsystem, and Dutch public education have been effectively destroyed:

Students entering technical universities between ages 18 and 20 can neither spell nor calculate, not even on the levels of 10-year old children in the 1950ies in any ordinary school did then - and they are made into B.A.s or M.A.s in such "sciences" as "European Studies" in three years, for these days all university courses have been halved; all educational grants quartered; and the average IQ of the Dutch university graduate is 115 at most since four proud democratic and egalitarian decades, whereas virtually all of these university graduates are vastly ignorant, wholly uncivilized, and only capable to spell correctly and make sums with extensive help of a spell-checker and a visual calculator, with pre-cooked formulas also (and even then the sums often come out wrong, because they do not understand what they are about - not at all).

Of course, the Dutch still don't care and consider what I have been writing and saying for 32 years now still as "fascistic" (a Dutchmen who disagrees with you, especially if he or she was educated at the Universities of Amsterdam, Tilburg, Nijmegen or Groningen just knows you are "a fascist", self-evidently), specifically because it is "elitarian", and because they are proud of being Masters of Arts in Psychology or even in Medicine with an IQ of 105 or so, and no decent knowledge of spelling or arithmetics ("the computer can do it for you - don't worry, be happy!"), no comprehension whatsoever of science or civilization, but with a guaranteed position in the highest income brackets

"because of their deserved academic qualifications".

Of course, there still is a small minority of gifted and somewhat decently educated Dutchmen, but you will find them almost only in fields that require real talent or real effort, such as mathematics, physics or Chinese - though it is very likely, and indeed strongly recommended by Dutch economists, that these posts also will real soon now all be filled by Indian or Chinese part-time migrants, who are willing to work for peanuts, also, and that because, as these Dutch economists say, "whizkids are born everywhere, and this is just a lot cheaper and more economical". (The coolie-system, that is, well-beloved by the Dutch from hundreds of years of Dutch colonialism.)

Here are my 39 Questions read in May 1988, for reasons of which I am - still, self-evidently! - supposed to be "a fascist" and "a terrorist" by the Board of Directors, the scientific staff and the (politically correct, that is to say: everyone who wants to receive a postmodernistically contentless degree) ever since in the University of Amsterdam , and was removed from the university from philosophy, briefly before taking my M.A. in that subject, that evidently is not fit for the likes of me.

Please note also - if you fully want to savour the true moral flavour of the Dutch - that the Board of Directors of the University of Amsterdam refuses to answer my mails or letters since 21 years now - and for somebody in my poor and il position, there is, in this present proud postmodern Dutch Democracy, no money available for any decent legal assistance (beyond the moron level, and even then these postmodern legal morons, probably educated at the University of Amsterdam, being true-blooded Real Dutchmen, want per hour what I may spend in a month).

39 Questions about the qualities
of education and government
in the Netherlands

1. Is it not true that Wittgenstein says somewhere that it must be possible to write a philosophical treatise that consists only of questions? (The answer is: Yes.) [0]

2. And is it not true that the most direct and practical questions about philosophy and, more generally, science and civilization, are questions about the level and quality of education in science and philosophy - because the level and qualitity of civilization in a society strongly depends on the qualities of the education that society produces?

3. For is it not also true that a modern society in which education on average is bad; in which the universities and schools are bad; or where what is taught is not science but political ideology - is a society that is slowly but surely poisoning itself?

4. Is it not true that the Holland is in this position since the Mammoetwet and the WUB? [1]

5. And is it not true that bad or mediocre universities and preparatory schools not only amount to the slow but sure suicide of civilisation, but also amount to personal injustice to all students whose birthright to a good education in accordance with their personal talents has been stolen from them?

6. Is it not true that in Holland since 20 years quasi-academic diplomas are handed to quasi-intellectuals in the soft science - quasi-intellectuals, moreover, that then do occupy real functions, in which they may decide about the possibilities and chances of their personell and their clients, and are not quasi but really highly paid for?

7. Is it not true that a society that rewards, protects and maintains incompetence thereby gets poisoned - as surely as nature is poisoned by environmental poisoning?

8. And is it not also true that both kinds of poisoning exist and continue to exist because those with an interest in them ... have an interest in this? And because it turns out to be wholly fruitless and ineffective to criticize any civil servant, however lazy, however impolite, however incompetent, because in Holland everybody with a public function, whether as a civil servant or a politician, is protected by similar collaborating most honorable dear colleagues of precisely the same kind?

9. And is it not also true that in Holland actual factual personal responsibility does not exist anymore for any higher political or bureaucratic function i.a. because such functions are handed out to and divided between personal friends, members of parliament, incompetent secretaries of state, trade union officials, and other politically organized parasites, and that one parasite - in the sense of: morally irresponsible; intellectually incompetent; and motivated by personal greed for money and status - always protects any other parasite?

10. And is it not also true that in Holland there is hardly any morally and intellectual competent politician, governor or high civil servant one can honestly name - with as the virtually unique exception of a decent, competent and Dutch politician the hundred years old Drees? [2]

11. Is is not true that in ALL of the University of Amsterdam there are no enthousiastic, inspiring, teachers with good Dutch? Is it not true that it is very uncommon in the University of Amsterdam to find courses and teachers who offer good and clear written summaries of their courses and teachings?

12. Is it not true that the vast majortity of the books that are used are simply bad? [3]

13. Is it not true that almost none of the professors and lecturers have protested the past 20 years against the politicizing of science and education in the University of Amsterdam; or against the ruinous state of the courses offered after the B.A.; or against the systematic giving of advantages, perks and subsidies to the members of what are in fact very small very fanatic student activists (e.g. by giving their leaders (M/F) automatical academic jobs and advantages as a matter of course?).

14. Is it not true that in the University of Amsterdam the majority of the scientific staff, at least in the social and literary faculties, are intellectually hardly qualified; do not do any scientific research of high quality; and in fact are hardly interested in their trade and proportionally concerned with their salaries? [4]

15. Is it not also true that in the University of Amsterdam, certainly in the so-called social and literary sciences, and because of the ruins made of pre-university school-education, the vast majority of the students is not qualified for and in any case hardly interested in great parts of the science they are supposed to study, but only partake of because they desire to make a career with an M.A. degree of some kind?

16. Is it not true that the professors and lecturers in the university have been saying since 20 years that their personal qualities cannot be assessed objectively?

17. And is it not true that they do not say so because this is true, but in order to prevent that their total lack of relevant qualities comes to light?

18. For isn't it true that only were there are no qualities these qualities cannot be assessed?

19. Is it not true that since 20 years a large amount of the education in the social and literary faculties in the Dutch universities in fact are political ideology, and political prejudice presented as if it were real science?

20. Is it not also true that since 20 years in many faculties highly paid professors and lectures have ben claiming - as I have heard many tens of times in the faculties of philosophy and of psychology - that "everybody knows that truth does not exist"; that "objective science is an illusion"; and that "rational thinking is not morally justified"?

21. Is it not true that these are totalitarian ideas, that were formulated and propounded especially to help leftist politicking, but that these can as well serve to argue that it is not true that 6 million jews were murdered in the Second World War, or that Adolf Hitler was a great humanitarian genius - for "everybody knows that truth does not exist"; that "objective science is an illusion"; and that "(human) qualities cannot be assessed objectively"?

22. Is it not true that it has been now for 20 years the actual priority in the University of Amsterdam in the social and literary faculties to propound and teach this manner of totalitarian political ideology - indeed in fact in aid of the leftist, so-called humanitarian, aims and theories, but just as well capable of being used for any other kind of totalitarian delusion?

23. Is it not true that IF the - always cowardly, always dishonest, always hypocritical - Dutch politicians or bureaucrats raise a tip of the veil that covers the Augian stables they maintain, this only happens when they leave office - if they already have been effectively promoted to an even better -paying veiled Augian stable, the salary of which also does not stink at all... until the next promotion?

24. And is it not true that this dedicated silence explains a lot about collaboration in the Second World War?

25. Is it not true that part of the reason for what is really the ruins that are the University of Amsterdam, once an autonomous university, dedicated to science and civilisation, but now degenerated to a pretentious, sick n-th rate college-like institution, is that this has been caused by 20 years of incompetent Boards of Directors - persons who were mostly Dutch Labour politicos without the least real interest in science or education, who were in fact (whatever their hypocritical public stances about their motives) mainly motivated by greed for money and power?

26. Is it not true that at least during the last 15 years there has been no proper financial reporting whatsoever in the University of Amsterdam?

27. Is it not true that incompetent members of the Board of Directors, who have been diagnosed as such by the University Parliament, have been pensioned off with honors and nearly a million in bonus?

28. Is it not true that in the period 1980-1985 60 million guilders have "disappeared" (45 million in the university itself, 15 million in the foundation that was supposed to obtain students houses for the money?)

29. Is it not true that this money disappeared because the Board of Directors has been incompetent the last 20 years; because there has not been any effective personal responsibility whatsoever; and because everyone knows that the Ministry of Education anyway will pump half a billion into the university each year?

30. Is it not true that in the University of Amsterdam the real subject is not the public hypocritical poses about education or indeed political ideology, but that this is in fact nothing else but on moral and intellectual incompetence based hyporcisies, greed and parasitism?

31. Is it not true that the once again upcoming elections for the University Parliament are exclusively and only a means to get the ASVA- and PP-fractions elected and to give the Board of Directors a quasi-democratical legitimation of their enduring position of power and their continuous incompetence and parasitism?

32. Is is not true that in the University of Amsterdam one can only elect the one or the other power-greedy parasite without the least real interest in science or education, who is moved only by political fanaticism or by monetary greed and an easy career?

33. Is is not true that a great part of the non-academic staff of the university, compared with what is usual in ordinary firms, hardly works at all?

34. Is is not true that a great part of the leftist political ideas that have been so popular in the University of Amsterdam were especially popular NOT because their proponents had any real ethical motivation, but only because it provided all concerned, that is everyone with a job in the University of Amsterdam, almost totally unrestricted freedom to do nothing and to have no personal responsibility at all - because according to these leftist political ideas "everybody is equal" while "all decisions must be fully democratised"?

35. And was this - apart from all the beautiful talk - in practice nothing but an open and standing invitation plus legitimation of parasitism, doing nothing at all, behaving shoddily, being lazy, talking hypocritically, and a protection of political ideology masquerading as if it were real science fit for being taught in the universities?

36. Is it not true that science is both the cultural and economical foundation of our society, because we all live and eat thanks to the technologies we owe to centuries of scientific research, and because scientific methods of reasoning are our only means to adequately explain and understand reality, and to rationally criticize nonsensical political ideologies, derailed religious faiths, and other forms of superstition?

37. Is it not true that the quality of our economy, and the welfare we can expect from it, is directly propportional to the quality of scientific education - because our economy is based on scientific technologies?

38. And is it not true that the quality of our civilisation, and the welfare and wellbeing - humane attitudes, tolerance, in short: reasonable action based on realisable plans - is directly proportional to the quality of the scientific educational institutions - because our civilisation is based on norms of rational reasoning and reasonable action that are for the most part scientific or owing to scientific norms and principles?

39. And is it not true that science and good scientific education, rational thinking and reasonable acting, are of the greatest importance for mankind and for human civilisation - and that in the University of Amsterdam science and the education in science have been ruined and corrupted; rational thinking has been trivialized and destroyed; and reasonable acting exists only in a hypocritical travesty?


4. 39 Questions - afterwards

These 39 Questions about the qualities of education and government in the Netherlands have been written in May 1988 and have been read to a congregation of professors and lecturers of the Faculty of Philosophy in the University of Amsterdam, who had invited me as a speaker "because you speak so well" (not knowing what I was going to say, so well).

These Questions have been handed out later to quite a lot of Dutch professors and lecturers, and at least five times to the Board of Directors of the University of Amsterdam - who removed me in August 1988 from the study of philosophy, just before taking my M.A. degree in the subject, mostly because of the above.

And indeed, that Board of Directors was nearly completely the same as the one that had made "disappear" 60 million guilders from the accountings of the University, quite unaccountably so, for to this day - September 22, 2009 - nobody ever took the trouble to find out who stole it, nor indeed to find out anything about the 25 years of wouldbe revolutionary Communist and Socialist freaking out of the University of Amsterdam - that in fact, and from the beginning, had one purpose and one purpose only: To give as many academical jobs to as many members of the communist and socialist parties as had found their ways into the University of Amsterdam, to set up these noble revolutionaries for life, as combined bureaucrats, civil servants and would-be professors of some fake postmodern social or literary science made up of intellectual baloney and pretentious hypocritical moral trash. (For - the naive non-Dutch should know: Professors and lecturers in Dutch universities are normally bureaucrats i.e. civil servants, and have once tenured - say at 25 - an unassailable position for life, whatever they fail to do in science, as long as they do not rape a secretary in public, or talk to the papers about their love for cocaine.)

In fact, the justification schema runs and ran thus since 1972:

WE help The Poor And Underprivileged; WE support the repressed queers, blacks and females; WE have the best of intentions and the noblest of ages - so YOU should shut up with any criticism... and mind you, if you don't, we call you a dirty fascist and a stinking terrorist, and throw you out of the university.

And thus it happened to me - and to no one else, not because no one else could see what I saw at the time, but because no one else had my qualities of mind or character, for indeed my intellect is uncommonly brilliant (as indeed nobody who met me in the university ever denied) and indeed unlike ALL the stinking, lying, posing, intrigueing, lying would-be "Marxist", "Socialist", "Leftist" "Revolutionairies" that ruined the Dutch Universities since 1968, only for their own financial profits and social status, purely from greed and ill will, I hail from a truly marxist truly heroic family, with a mother, father and grandfather in the Dutch Communist Resistance, and a father and grandfather condemned as political terrorists, to concentration-camp punishments, in which  my my grandfather also was murdered.

And unlike ALL of my hypocritical generation I gave up Marxism etc. when I was 20, in 1970 - indeed because I do have a very good mind and I CHOSE to use it to read and think with for myself, instead of CHOOSING to abuse it to make a career either in Dutch politics or as one of thousands of lying, defrauding, phoney and false so-called university professors and lecturers in some sick postmodern quasi-science in Holland, that actually is a mere swindle, an utter con-game and a very dirty fraud, that also is known to be such by its thousands upon thousands of perpetrators, who still are professors or lecturers in Holland, if they have not been pensioned off with the best bureaucratic pensions, if they are not still writing in the quality papers I cannot get any letter published in,"because of your publicly outspoken ideas", and still lying through their teeth about their own o so very noble motives and intentions, though it is also true that the whole morally to high heaven stinking lot has restyled themselves - mostly within half a year, also with stunning impertinence and fraudulence - into "neo-conservatives", "social centrists", or "practicing humanists" and what not, while most of the very same former Marxist Revolutionary Leftist these days politically support ... the Party for Animal Rights, for now the Rights of Animals for A Fair And Decent Worthwhile Life are paramount in their scales of values, now their personal "rights" have rewarded so richly.

That is: If you believe them - but actually this lot of moral sickos and intellectual dombos that are the current academic Dutch elite, and have been so these past forty years, are worse and more fraudulent and simply dirtier - morally lousier and FAR more despicable - and also FAR more cowardly than their counterparts in Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia, who also mostly corroborated, and also were invariably hypocritical about their motives: For these at least could plead totalitarianism, dictatorship, and physical or mortal danger to themselves or their families if they dared to dissent.

By contrast, the Dutch academics were completely free to do and say and think as they please(d) these last forty years, and they freely, deliberately, and for money, pleeased to lie, betray, intrigue, and collaborate for personal power and personal ease, meanwhile betraying all of science, all of modern civilisation, all of their students, and all of the now arrived totally mis- and non-educated later generations, just to have money for themselves while they lived, and to have power and status for themselves, and all by reason of their utter and total moral and intellectual incompetence, and their enormous willlingness to lie and conform, even if the ony one thing necessary not to be a phoney and a fraud and a thief was to have just a little individual character and some spine of one's own.

But no.

Notes to 39 Questions

[0] Not to puzzle you unduly: It was meant in the sense that all remaining questions, rationally and reasonably speaking, must be "Yes" - and indeed Wittgenstein did ask such a question.

[1] These were the laws of 1965 and 1972 that respectively moronified the schools and the universities, by effectively halving the standards and the contents. And please note, non-Dutch readers, that then and there, as indeed now, the vast majority of the Dutch found this highly desirable, because they hold that (1) all are equal (2) neither truth nor morals exist, other than relatively speaking and (3) it would be most unfair to most if most cannot get a university-degree AND the type of job and pay this entitles one too, "as an academically educated citizen".

[2] Indeed Willem Drees had become 100 that year, and indeed he was the leader of the Dutch Labour Party at the time this was not a set of corrupt and incompetent careerists. (Like Churchill, there is fair criticism of Drees possible and indeed true, but again like Churchill, the man evidently ranked above his contemporaries in politics, morally and intellectually, whatever his mistakes.)

[3] One could become a Master of Philosophy in my time by partially reading the beginning of one awful booklet on The Thinking Of Karl Marx, and lots of free course points for having attended a course and otherwise having done nothing at all, or - if one liked, and this was much admired and gave high points - for squatting or for demonstrating for or agains something political, for such things were deemed "socially relevant" and fit for academic course-credits, in the University of Amsterdam.

[4] Or in their female students: The vast majority of males employed in the University of Amsterdam (with life tenure in the highest 5% income brackets, as civil servants, with the best possible pensions and conditions of "work") started what is called in Dutch "a second breeding" - which is to say that they ditched their original spouses and children, and acquired an attractive female student and a new set of children, paying the lot from their top incomes.

5. Why I am much hated (in brief)

Very briefly: Because I speak the truth, because the truths I speak are painful, and because I write well.

And because the Dutch do not care (*) at all if someone's human rights are destroyed, and his health, and his chances, and his prospects, especially if he is Dutch and does not behave, think and feel like the vast majority does - for THE Dutch norm and value is "Act like an ordinary Dutchman or else!".

And thus it went, and thus it goes... ($)

P.S. And for the moment, for reasons of health (218 Kb of pdf, together quite a good medical report about M.E.) I keep it at that. Later, I shall add some notes and explanations, and add that version to ME in Amsterdam (which is nearly all in Dutch), to enlighten the multitudes of the world, about the true beauties of Dutch civilization as was and is, but will probably not be here for long, thanks to the present generations in power in Dutch politics, in the Dutch universitiies, and in the Dutch media.

They wanted a brave new world; they got it; and I must be its local Winston.

(*) See Heine and Alva if you have German and Dutch.

($) With thanks to Kurt Vonnegut. (In Dutch: "Eigen schuld, dikke bult" = "it is your fault, dummy", as the Chosen People kindly told The Prophet in explanation of their nation's mores, as they nailed him to the cross. "You should have behaved like a decent ordinary man! You asked for it!")

Maarten Maartensz

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