28 augustus 2009


"The Truth About Drugs in Amsterdam " - 3


Note on the links in this piece.

This is - as you can see - another issue in the series on "The Truth About Drugs in Amsterdam ". There is MUCH more of this in Dutch - the understanding of which is mandatory to get to what I really mean - but here are two recent English links from this month in Nederlog:

Now what brings this up today, and why am I writing about it here?

Basically, because The Young Turks, and specifically Cenk Uygur addressed the issue on May 28 of this year, as I found out yesterday.

Here are the links to my review of (this item of) TYT - of whom I know only since 10 days or so - the existence of which pleased (and pleases) me A LOT

and to Cenk Uygur on drugs in the Netherlands on May 28, 2009. It takes 3 minutes 30 seconds, and here is the link (for those of you with a computer fit for Youtube):

Unfortunately, what Cenk says and implies is mostly not so, or - at least - not quite so.

Here is most what he said, with my comments in between:

  • "You know how there is the Netherlands - that is a terrible old school European country, according to the conservatives, where they have legalized pot and they're a socialist country, and they are falling apart at the seams.

    Here is the problem with that theory: They are in such good shape that they are closing prisons throughout the country for lack of criminals."

Hmmmmm.... not really.

First, Holland has not "legalized pot", and second it is not "a socialist country".

Whether Cenk really thinks this (or speaks in irony) I don't know, but I live here, and it is not so. Now stepping over "the socialist country" nonsense, what is the case with drugs in Holland?

It comes to this:

  • The Dutch, since 40 years, have a system they call "het gedoogbeleid", that may be translated, quite adequately also, as The Toleration Of Illegal Drugs. That is: soft and hard drugs are illegal in Holland, just as in the USA, with one principal difference (that helps make a LOT of money for quite a few choice Dutchmen, as I will explain):
  • If you are or were - in say: it's the same throughout Holland, so let“s take the city I know best, where I lived for some 50 years: Amsterdam - or want to become a drugsdealer, especially if you already are a drugsdealer with lots of money (from Italy, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria a.s.o.: it's your money that matters in Holland), you can go to the nice Amsterdam civil servants and mayors and aldermen, have a good talk with them on drugs, and then you get a permit from them, with their very own personal signature, that allows you to deal soft drugs (marihuana and hashish) from any convenient spot (with a few limitations, that arose the last year: not within 200 meters of a Dutch school, "to protect the teenagers", you see).
  • In fact, the only thing you will not get, supposing you are as enterprising as I said, and have friends in the mayor's or an alderman's office, is subsidies from the City Council to start your business with: You're supposed to have the money - but if you have it, you qualify. (Supposing friends in the mayor's or an alderman's office, that is.)

That is the set-up. Since forty years in Amsterdam, where I live and where it all started.

So - first point, for all Prometheans, bringers of the truth, and other folks:
In Holland "pot is"
NOT "legalized", and never was. What is tolerated ("gedoogbeleid") is that special Dutch criminals get a special permission from the mayor, with his signature, that allows them to sell soft drugs.

Second, why has this been going on for 40 years now? This is - perhaps - a bit less unproblematical than the issue of legalization of pot (FALSE), but see how this is practised in this Proud Dutch Nation of wheelers, dealers and traders:

  • The happy Dutch drugscriminal who got a signed letter from the mayor that allows him to deal illegal drugs now has to work under the following rules:
  • 1. He may sell soft drugs (up to 5 grams a day per person), provided
        the buyer is (or seems) 18 or older.
    2. How much he sells, and how high his profits are, and where he
        gets his drugs
        40 years,
         AT ALL.
    This also has an official name Dutch legalese term, since nearly
        40 years "gedoogbeleid": "Het Achterdeurbeleid" - literally: The 
        Backdoor Policy

What does The  Backdoor Policy (*) mean in practice?

One: That illegal drugs are illegaly sold, with permissions of mayor, aldermen, and district attorneys (including signatures the drugscriminals - "coffeeshop owners" - can (and must: We Have A Law In Our Dutch Country!) proudly hang in their shopwindows, to show their warrant that they can sell illegal substances.

Two: That the PROFITS of the drugsdealers, the DRUGS they are selling, and the QUANTITIES of - still, quite - illegal drugs they are selling, ARE ON PRINCIPLE WHOLLY UNKNOWN, UNRECORDED, UNCHECKED, UNCONTROLLED.

Three: That - 40 years of this - especially Amsterdam has become THE CENTER of the European drugscriminality, where hundreds of megamillionairs in both soft and hard drugs are tolerantly allowed - by the mayor, and his signature etc., and with support and protection by the drugs-corrupted municipal police - to make ENORMOUS UNKNOWN - UNRECORDED, UNCHECKED, UNCONTROLLED - PROFITS from unknown quantities of drugs the Toleration Of Illegal Drugs Policy, enables them to sell.

Four: SINCE FORTY (40) YEARS. Times 40 an estimated 10 to 20 BILLION DOLLARS. PER YEAR.

THAT is what it comes down to, in Holland, in Amsterdam, where I live and was born and grew up.

Now back to THE Young Turk in person, and "the lack of criminals" in Holland - which is an interesting topic, about which Cenk is going to make a good point, that I am going to quote for you. But let's hold fast to one conclusion:

Five: The vast majority of the many great Dutch drugscriminals meanwhile have legalized themselves in this sense: The have invested their billions in buying and building offices and houses - whitewashing/laundering their HUUUUGE and ILLEGAL profits that way - and have the support of very many typically Dutch top lawyers, and in fact have become a major power in Amsterdam and Holland, including professional killers and many - for Holland - murders amongst mafiosi AND their arrived protectors, that also are NEVER solved by the police.

Now to Cenk's point about "the lack of criminals" in Holland:

  • You know every time a conservative shouts up [imitates O'Reilly or Limbaugh] "You know our shyshtem ish the best in the woooorld!".
    Yeah, OK but ... wait a minute, wait: Which parts of our system? Some parts of our system are the best in the world - but which parts are you referring to and why? You know, because to say "it is the best of the world" without explaining why and then walk away.... No, maybe some - [conservatives imitation] "believe it or not" - some other countries might do some things slightly better than the US in some areas.
    I know to some Americans this comes as an enormous shock.
    But ehhh.... look at the Netherlands. They are down to 12.000 detainees, which I can't believe that number is so low.

Well.... for the benefit of my non-Dutch (and many Dutch) readers: The Netherlands have all of 16 million inhabitants, all told. So it's a bit less than 1 in a 1000 (covering babies, old people etc.)

But yes, relatively speaking, especially relatively speaking to the USA, Holland has a fairly enlightened judicial system. Relatively speaking, that is. To continue

  • There used to be a stunning 14.000, but since they lost those 2000 detainees, since they don't have as many criminals in the 1990-ies, ehhh....

This is a convenient moment to interpose: Things are not what they seem, Cenk.... I have now since 21 years tried to register a legal complaint against the Amsterdam municipal police, because the drugsmafiosi that the mayor - without ever asking me or my neighbors - had "given permission to deal in soft drugs", but who really (like - gasp! - most dealers in illegal drugs) dealt (also) in cocaine and heroine, and were arrested with several kilos of it (**) in front of their so-called "coffeeshop", after threatening me at least 5 times (with guns and Dobermann Pinchers) in the following terms (literally, if translated)

"If you do anything we don't like, we will murder you".

As simple as that, and without explaining their likes. The Amsterdam Municipal Police told me in reply that

"We, the Amsterdam Muncipal Police, will not do anything for you in
this matter. If you don't like it, you can fuck off to another country" -

knowing full well that I was and am an invalid who can't flee. And in Holland NO-ONE is allowed to carry arms, except if he or she is a police-officer, a hired commercial guardian of mayors, aldermen and politicians, or (in practice, if not in theory) a drugs-criminal.

You may not believe this, but there is 30 MB of MEinAmsterdam (in Dutch) that proves my assertions, in detail, AND WITH THE AGREEMENT OF MAYOR AND ALDERMEN OF AMSTERDAM (***)

So.... back to Cenk and his point:

  • ... they gotta close down a bunch of prisons and about 1200 people are going to lose jobs as correctional officers etcetera...

Probably not, because Deserving Bureaucrats remain their whole life employed and promoted in the Netherlands, but that's just by the way...

  • Not only that they are in such a good shape they're saying: Wow, we built these prisons and we should be using them for something. They're going to import criminals from Belgium, to house them in the Netherlands.

Actually, the surplus in Dutch prisons probably exist because of what the Dutch call "The Building Fraud", in which it was shown that billions of Dutch taxpayers' money had illegally disappeared in double dealing between corrupt politicians and construction firms - after which the CEOs of the building firms, who made billions illegally, were punished 25.000 euroos, and everything was cosily settled in Holland... but that's by the bye, and just to illustrate how moral the Dutch are.

Here is a wholly sound point Cenk makes:

  • Hey, wait a minute - we got some criminals: AT GUANTANAMO BAY! [imitates O'Reilly or Limbaugh] "That we know we cannot have at UU ESh soil!" They apparently have some lovely prisons in Holland that we should have look at. I am not saying anything we should try... Creative thinking herė: They got a need, we got a need: Put it together.

Except that the present Dutch PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs don't want them, period: [MM imitates O'Reilly or Limbaugh] "BECAUShE THEY'RE TERRORIShTSh, y'all shee."

Back to drugs and Cenk (man, the Dutch marihuana is fabulous! 3 dollars a gram, man! Why ain't you here, and become a part of I Amsterdam?)

  • But as you can see, this socialist country Netherland, these potheads in Holland - man, they're falling apart at the seams [imitates O'Reilly or Limbaugh] "You see that! You legalize marihuana and you're down to 12.000 prisoners.

As I remarked already, Holland is not a "socialist country", and never was, except perhaps under German - national-socialist - occupation, and most Dutch politicians might get slightly less stooopid if they were potheads, which they aren't, though Amsterdam aldermen have been proved to be cocaineheads, but this is again just in passing.

Now for a Cenkesque proper relativization, a bit late though:

  • By the way, Holland has a lot less people than America so understand that context. But we have in the ballpark of 2 million prisoners, in America. [Ironical voice an pose:] Per capita we're BLOWING THEM AWAAAAY!

This is true: While the Netherlands have about 1 in a 1000 in prison, The Home Of The Brave incarcerates about 1 in 100, mostly blacks by the way, and often in relation to drugs, as Cenk is going to explain and I am going to skip (and sofar you got nearly all he said in this clip I am reviewing).

  • But yeah, obviously that's an enormous effect: If you don't put everybody who is taking drugs in prison, you gonna have a lot less people in prison.

True, and in Holland you won't go to jail for possessing a few grams of pot, and you probably will get medical help if you are a junk. But hey, Cenk! There's a flip side too: The big drugs criminals, the laundered rich, the drugscorrupt lawyers, politicians and chiefs of police are also not put in prison, or only a few of the really very stupid of them are, and then only if they are uneducated criminals, and not corrupt politicians, corrupt civil servants, corrupt police offers, and also only eventually, after careers of decades with hundreds of millions of profits on drugs.

See? That is the Paradisical State and City I am living in - but yes: I agree soft drugs are not dangerous or addicting, and yes, I hold illegal drugs (of the kinds we are discussing, including heroine, cocaine etc.) should all be legalized (and checked, and controlled for quality, and dispensed through a real doctor if hard drugs, that is, only on recipe).

More Cenk, on the wonders of the Netherlands:

  • And by the way... this doesn't mean they have a crime problem. It means the direct opposite: They don't have a crime problem.

I am so glad to learn it! LOL in fact - but yes, it is true that the Dutch penal system is more enlightened and humane than the US one, and it is true that the Dutch have not only "a crime problem", but several. Discussion of that requires local knowledge, so back to Cenk's ending of the clip:

  • Just think about it, please! Put some thought behind it.

As you see, I just did, and things are not - quite - as TYT reported them, on May 28, 2009. So, since I am myself so much concerned with The Truth About Amsterdam (Foxnews) I wrote this, also for the benefit of TYTs.

But I think I can - sort of - see where they're coming from, and why they think the information they relayed is correct, namely because of what's been in the media these last four decades, that was nearly always some considerable journalistic misrepresentation of some kind, for one living here and knowing a fair amount about and around the topic of "drugs in Amsterdam", and also because Los Angeles, from whence TYT hails, is more or less on the other side of the globe.

Anyway, this was one more issue of "The Truth About Drugs in Amsterdam" - and it really stinks, for if ever there was a hypocrisy, a scam, a fraud, a deception - for personal, private, illegal profit, earned with (furthering) the dealing of drugs, it is the Dutch totally fraudulent and false way of "solving the problem":


And I put "ILLEGAL" in red capitals, because that is really what it is all about, why it is so profitable, and why the Dutch politicians and civil servants have wanted it to be as it is for 40 years - and I give it two you in two final points:

  • Man, it is and has been so ENORMOUSLY profitable!
  • Do you know of anything the Dutch have not done in a major way for lots of money, such as drugs dealing (in the 19th C millions upon millions of opium, to China, from the Dutch colony that's now Indonesia), slave trading, yea waterboarding (already illustrated, with full Dutch moral approval), also what's now Indonesia?

I mean: I don't - and yes, the Dutch are people, also mostly really very ordinary folks and very proud of that, but look: They're traders, dealers, traffickers, more horny for profit than anything else, since ages.

And boy: Drugs are SO profitable!

Note on the links in this piece: The boldfaced (underlined, as usual) ones are in English, the other links in Dutch. And the links are part and parcel of the argument, me being a logical philosopher.

(*) So called, because it amounts to this: "The Front Door" is protected and controlled by the drugsdealers and the municipal police, generally to the effect that the business remains running as smooth and profitable as ever, and "The Back Door" is where the drugsdealer gets his drugs from - which, as explained, is as a matter of policy, practice and principle in the Toleration Of Illegal Drugs ("gedoogbeleid"), UNRECORDED, UNCHECKED, UNCONTROLLED, just as are their ENORMOUS PROFITS.

Since 40 years, essentially because, first, the Dutch have been very great traders, dealers, wheelers, and pirates since 500 years, and second, the Toleration Of Illegal Drugs ("gedoogbeleid") is the best thing since the Prohibition or sliced bread to make a profit.

You dig it, Cenk, do you? It's a SMART schema, and it WORKS. Very profitably, thank you. (And who cares about the law?! Only old fogeys like me, in Holland. Man, it's profitable, it's fun, it can be done, and mayor, aldermen and police chiefs are going to love you for it, if you are a successful businessman, in lieu of the Fine Principled Dutch Policy of Toleration Of Illegal Drugs ("gedoogbeleid").

Since 40 years. All that time proven highly effective to get rich as a billionaire, while being zonked high on cocaine, and getting help of all the top lawyers in Amsterdam.

Man, what are you waiting for?! Come to Amsterdam, do TYT from here, tune in, drop out, get high, get rich. We can have a talk, and I'll show you the best places to get your preferred ticket to Artificial Paradise - marihuana, hashish, mescaline (till very recently legal), and all the snorts and powders and shots you might want, if thus enclined, and nicely mellowed up, in Luscious, Rich, Fabulous Amsterdam.

No problem, man! It ain't legal, but that's just to help clever people get rich fast. (If you're Dutch, and know Amsterdam's mayor well, or have good contacts in the Dutch Labour Party, that is.)

(**) Representing also several millions of dollars for them. O yes - there also are dealers in soft drugs who only deal in soft drugs, in Holland. Yes, indeed! But they also got stinking rich real fast, and besides, over the last 20 years they have been crowded out, shut down, or shot off  - I mean: killed in the streets in Amsterdam, always an unsolved crime, in drugs, in Amsterdam - by the competition. (But yes, there still are a few, and some of them are - or seem to be - level-headed fair, clever and pleasant guys, and indeed also quite rich. Really!)

(***)  Who have refused and do refuse since 21 years to meet me, mail me, answer my letters, or phone me, knowing full well the name, the address (in Amsterdam), and quite possibly the - stinking rich - person of the drugs-criminal who had me gassed and threatened credibly with murder by his cocaineheads, who is, as I said, stinking rich, and at present also is "architect for the European Union", what with his millions of illegal and since then safely laundered drugsprofits.

Maarten Maartensz

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