28 juli 2006


Wat meer over Mill



Ik zei de vorige keer - zie: Mill over vrijheid - dat ik bezig was aan een commentaar op Mill's "On Liberty", dat de lezer op mijn site kan vinden, en er staat nu een eerste versie van mijn commentaren bij de eerste twee hoofdstukken op de site.

Hier is een voorbeeldje van mijn noot 1 bij hoofdstuk 2, en deze keer vertaal ik het Engels niet. (Het is warm, en u heeft schoolgegaan.) De blauwe tekst die volgt is van Mill, de rest is mijn commentaar daarbij.

"THE time, it is to be hoped, is gone by when any defence would be necessary of the "liberty of the press" as one of the securities against corrupt or tyrannical government. No argument, we may suppose, can now be needed, against permitting a legislature or an executive, not identified in interest with the people, to prescribe opinions to them, and determine what doctrines or what arguments they shall be allowed to hear. "

As I write this, in the summer of 2006, it is almost 150 years ago that Mill's "On Liberty" was first published, and "THE time" Mill wrote so hopefully about still has not arrived.

Indeed, at present the governments of Europe and the United States, so far  more democracies and states of law than not, are rapidly changing - with parliamentary, judiciary and journalistic support, mostly - into states with dictatorial and authoritarian governments, where all manner of liberties are curtailed, and all manner of duties imposed on any and all civilians, supposedly "because of the dangers of Terrorism".

This is a lie, and must be a conscious lie, from the vast majority of those ministers in most states where it is propounded, even allowing for a considerable degree of incompetence and panic, for the simple and evident reasons that between 1950 and 1990 the dangers of real terrorism, what with enormous despotic states with enormous well-trained armies with atomic weapons, were far greater and more dangerous than at present, where "the enemy" consists of an obscure entity composed of a few hundreds, thousands or at most tenthousands of Mohammedan fanatics, without armies, without states, without atomic weapons, usually with little or no military training, and with only a very small part of the capacity to harm that was possessed by the Soviet Union and its satellites.

Since this is so very obvious to anyone who seriously thinks about "terrorism", as it has admittedly raised its ugly face since September 9, 2002, that one must assume that the present vast curtailments of and restrictions on many of the human and civil freedoms that have been in power for at least eighty years, including the years of the Cold War, and the Soviet threat of war and terrorism on a world scale in a few minutes, as the armies of the enemy of the West in the time of the Cold War stood at the West's  borders, armed to the teeth, I assume this undoing of many of the human and civil freedoms my parents and grandparent enjoyed unrestrictedly, happens on purpose, and happens to strengthen the interests of those who are currently in power.

Indeed, I think the situation as regards human rights so serious - with one's email read and one's phone tapped, all as a matter of course because one might be "a terrorist", and one's precise whereabouts on earth checkable by cell-phone if one carries one, and one's being forced to carry identity-papers wherever one goes, to identify oneself against unidenfiable cops or security-guards from private organizations, and while almost no civilian in Europe has the right to carry arms, even while the best obvious defense against any "terrorism" is to properly arm the population that also was allowed to vote, to drive cars, and to buy axes and chainsaws, wherewith much harm can be done, but which do not protect one effectively from armed terrorists - that I must assume that this happens either on purpose and with great and grave criminal intent or else not on purpose and because of great and liable incompetence.

With a world leader of the evident gifts of mind and heart of George Bush Jr. this is difficult to decide, but I have no difficulties to decide the issue when it is applied to some of his advisors, although I neither know the reasons why, nor the gains made or in view, even though it is also clear to me that there are many billions worth of oil in Iraqi soil.

But it is not impossible, with the sort of government and governing persons now in power in the U.S., that in fact, according to them, something like a Holy War or crusade is in progress, of the Christians against the Muslims, in which, of course, they feel they have God on their side, and perhaps in some cases His direct voice in their head, and also anything whatsoever is permitted, so they may feel, because the stakes are so high, and they are doing God's work.

In short, I live - and write this - in what the Chinese called "interesting times", where many human rights and freedoms are being destroyed on purpose, in modern Western nominally democratic states of law, supposedly "to fight terrorism", but certainly with the effect to make the small minority of politicians, bureaucrats and "safety guards", that effectively form the government, very much more powerful in the West than western governments have been since Hitler fell from power, and with the possibly unintended effect of making the state, the nation and the population ready for the worst dictatorship ever, with total state control over a person's means of communication, whereabouts and identity, and already such that any person who is merely accused of "terrorism" or of being an "illegal alien" has lost the right of habeas corpus, and may be delivered at the pleasure of the minister to the secret service of the state he originally came from.

Wie meer over "De Gevaren Van Het Terrorisme" wil lezen zoals ik die zie volge de link. Ook Rop Gonggrijp's ideeŽn zijn hier relevant. Zie mijn stukje van Mei: De kant en klare infra-structuur voor een totalitaire staat.

Als u mijn commentaar bij Mill in dit stukje zinnig vond, dan vindt u nog 74 noten hier: On Liberty Chapter II MM.htm.


Maarten Maartensz


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